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Laundry Room Makeover: the reveal!

I’m back today to finally share our finished laundry room makeover. If you remember, I shared my favorite small laundry room ideas in the last post where you could see a sneak peek of the space. ** all sources listed at the end of the post

But you guys. 

This space makes me sooooo happy now! I mean, going from this:

laundry room before picture

to this:

laundry room makeover with blue doors

It’s such a DRASTIC improvement, don’t ya think?

Here’s a few more before pics

laundry room before pic: dark and dreary

This space isn’t huge by any means. There’s a pocket door separating the laundry room and kitchen. On the left side we have our washer and dryer and small utility sink. Then on the right hand side is a small closet and we used to keep Lilly’s food bowls here.

Isn’t that what you want your guests to see when they enter your home?  ya, no.

As I mentioned in the last post, we use this entrance from the garage instead of the front door 90% of the time. 

and so do our guests.

It was long overdue for a makeover.

laundry room before pic: dark and dreary

Thankfully, this is what the space looks like now

laundry room remodel with blue doors

We moved Lilly’s food to a different location, painted the doors a gorgeous blue color (Faded Flaxflower by Sherwin Williams)  Craig built that awesome coat hook and we added the shoe bench for storage and a place to sit while we put on our shoes.

This room isn’t very wide, so it’s kinda hard to photograph but here’s a view with the pocket door closed:

laundry room remodel with blue doors

laundry room before pic: dark and dreary

I debated moving this cabinet above the w&d up to the ceiling and putting some open shelving below it, but this was supposed to be a “quick & easy” project that my daughter and I could do without much help from Craig since he has been busy building our pool and deck all summer long (and still going…you can see a glimpse in this post.) So we left it as is, and thankfully just painting the walls and cabinets made a big enough impact I don’t even miss the open shelves!

laundry room with blue cabinets

laundry room before pic: dark and dreary

laundry room makeover featuring painted blue cabinets

I also added some cute pics of the kiddos & Lilly. Frames were from Hobby Lobby / similar frames / blinds / cabinet hardware/ rug / hand towel/ chandelier

laundry room utility sink with blue cabinets

laundry room decor

similar tray basket / similar letter board / faux greenery

unlacquered brass cabinet pulls

3 inch unlacquered brass hardware

Blue Interior Doors

PAINT COLORS:  cabinets & doors – Faded Flaxflower, Sherwin Williams

walls – White Dove, Benjamin Moore

When I approached our laundry room makeover, or any renovation for that matter, I always try to think how can I get the most bang for my buck? There’s a total of 4 doors in this tiny space (door to garage, powder rm door, pocket door, and closet door) so I figured, why not paint them a fun color?!  I knew I wanted the walls to be white to brighten up the space, so I thought the blue would give me that coastal vibe that I love and also coordinate nicely with other colors in our house.

I was a little nervous picking such a bold color, but once the first coat was on the first door – I knew it was going to look awesome and give this little room just the right pop it desperately needed! Of course, my family was a little less sure – but once they saw everything come together, they actually liked it. 

And when your 11 year old son tells you it looks really nice, I’d call that a win!

blue laundry room cabinets and blue interior door in laundry room

Along with the fabulous blue doors, my favorite thing in this whole laundry room makeover has to be these door knobs.

blue interior door with black and white door knob

I mean, aren’t they gorgeous?!? They are a tad pricey and my hubby questioned my sanity a bit when he saw me ordering these. 

But I only needed 2 for this space and I loooooove the way they look with the blue doors!! I think every room needs a little ‘wow’ factor and they definitely accomplished that here 🙂

blue interior doors with white door knobs

blue interior doors

old fashioned porcelain white door knobs on blue door

matte black lever style door knob

For the door to the garage I needed a keyed entry door so I went with the Halifax from Kwikset. We’ve never had lever style door handles inside before, but I used this door knob on our new detached garage and loved the classic modern farmhouse vibe. I also think it works well next to the new white porcelain door knobs. If all these door knob choices make your head spin (dummy, privacy, passage…oh my!) I wrote a whole post on the topic so be sure to check it out!


Laundry Room Lighting

I couldn’t find a pic, but previously this room had a giant rectangular fluorescent light fixture, circa 1996. Add to that the previous warm nutmeg paint color and it was a disastrous lighting situation.

This cute brass chandelier was inexpensive and plays nicely with the blue paint color. It’s also the perfect size and the 4 light bulbs add some much needed light back into this room.

modern brass chandelier in laundry room

laundry room light fixture

Laundry Room Storage

Even though we have a tiny closet in this space, we really need more storage for all the coats, shoes, and various sports gear my kiddos haul in and out on a daily basis. I found this perfect storage bench at Walmart! 

The top lifts up to store hats, gloves, etc… For more pics and info, you can read my previous post.

laundry room makeover ideas

Craig built this awesome coat rack out of some leftover trim pieces from previous projects and these hooks. I love how it turned out!


diy coat rack with hooks

Kindness artwork is from Hobby Lobby. and so is the cute wood bead garland

diy coat rack with hooks

And I’m also lovin’ the pop of color these doors added when viewed from the kitchen:

blue interior doors in laundry room makeover

blue painted pantry door

blue pantry door in modern farmhouse

golden retriever in laundry room

Lilly and I want to thank you all for following along on our laundry room makeover! Are you as tired as we are after all that? 🙂 

I think a nice long nap is long overdue. 

Have a great week, my friends! 

**this post contains affiliate links. see our full disclosure here.


PAINT COLORS: cabinets & doors – Faded Flaxflower, Sherwin Williamswalls – White Dove, Benjamin Moore

light fixture

white porcelain door knobs

black lever door knob


cabinet hardware

similar picture frames

cordless bamboo shades

hand towel

similar wood letterboard

shoe bench



kindness wall art

wood bead garland

laundry room makeover ideas

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  1. Amazing! I love the colors, and I especially love the storage bench. That’s such a wonderful idea that could be applied to any entrance area. I especially love how you made this makeover fit your family lifestyle. There’s clearly space to hang up jackets and bags, space under the bench for shoes… perfect.

    1. Thank you so much Vera! The storage bench and hooks are really coming in handy now that the cold weather is here. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I absolutely love the color and the pulls you chose! What a great combination. Love your blog BTW. Have a great week!

  3. Your cabinets look fantastic! What products did you use to prime, etc. before painting? They appear to be oak cabinets (yes?) I am trying to muster the bravery to paint some oak cabinetry in my laundry room as well.

    1. Hi Andrea, we always use BIN Shellac based primer by Zinsser to prime our cabinets and shiplap. It’s the best primer we’ve ever used and covers stains, knots, wood grain, etc… and prevents bleed through. For these cabs, my hubby did a light sanding, then wiped everything down with TSP cleaner then did one coat of the BIN primer, and 2 coats of paint. Hope this helps and good luck with your project!

  4. What finish is the white porcelain door knob in? I used faded flax flower for my bedroom but I’m so jealous of how it looks in your pictures!!!! It looks a lot darker on the walls. I know lighting has a lot to do it but I wish it looked like this. Love your posts!

    1. Hi Ashley – when we purchased these, there was a “flat black” finish and that’s what these are – but it looks like that’s no longer an option. But to my eye, the oil rubbed bronze looks closest to flat black. A tip for paint colors – if you find the color to be too dark for your liking, just take it back to your paint store and see if they can lighten it a bit for you by adding some white. Hope this helps!

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