Modern Farmhouse Interior Door Knobs

I hope you’re all having a good week! In my last post, we talked about how updating your old flush mount light fixtures can really create a major impact with minimal cost and timeframe. So today, I’m sharing another quick tip on how to give your home that desired modern farmhouse vibe just like Joanna. If we can’t get her to come remodel our homes, there’s still lots of things we can do ourselves to create that awesome Fixer Upper look. And one of those things is changing out your interior door knobs (and exterior too if you’re feeling really ambitious!)

Raise your hand if you have those lovely brass door knobs from the 80’s. 

Yeah. Not really the look we’re going for these days. But that’s ok! For a few hundred bucks and a couple hours this weekend, you can change them out and be that much closer to rockin’ the modern farmhouse style just like Jo. 

love these farmhouse style door knobs (image via Interior Door & Closet Company)
similar more affordable knobs | image via Interior Door & Closet Company

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Personally, I prefer to use a simple round ball style knob (not egg shaped) in either flat black or oil rubbed bronze for interior door knobs in all our remodels and flip houses. It’s just my personal preference, and I do think the black/orb color lends itself well to the modern farmhouse design style. If you prefer chrome, or brushed silver / nickel hardware, that’s fine too. Even the unlacquered brass door knobs can look gorgeous in the right setting against the right door and paint color. So whichever your preference, pick something you love and you won’t regret it!

And for even more information to make your head spin, there’s several different kinds of interior door knobs for you to consider:

Privacy (Bedroom/Bath) – these knobs come with a locking mechanism and like the description says, you can install these on baths, bedrooms, or anywhere you’d like an interior door to lock. These are not designed for exterior use though, as these locks can easily be picked with a hairpin or penny. See example here.

Passage (Hall / Closet) – designed for doors that need fully functional knobs on both sides – these do not have lock mechanisms. See example here.

Dummy – this is a single door knob that does not turn, and does not have a lock mechanism. For use on doors where a push/pull function is required. See example here.

Keyed Entry – these knobs are for use on exterior doors where keyed entry and security is needed. See example here. And here’s another great option from Amazon for only $16 that also comes in 5 finishes. I like to use these for side entrances, garage doors, and back patio doors. You can also use these on front entrances, but I prefer the look of a full handleset w/ deadbolt on the front door for a little more impact and wow factor.

Front Door – I like to use a full handleset on front doors, which includes interior & exterior knob plus a deadbolt for added security – this is my favorite one for only $65.

Affordable interior door knobs for the modern farmhouse:

Farmhouse style interior door knobs are hard to find. Here's a roundup of my favorite budget friendly options.

*** To make sure we’re comparing apples to apples price-wise, all of the knobs listed are privacy knobs (they have a locking mechanism.) Privacy knobs tend to be more expensive than passage and dummy, so if you choose one from these lists – it’s a pretty safe bet that the matching passage & dummy knobs will be much cheaper. Also, most knobs on this list come in multiple finishes. So if you prefer chrome, polished silver, brass, etc… just click on these links to be taken directly to the shopping pages to see the full range of finish options.

A. Gobrico Round $12 (available in 10 pack)  

B. Kwikset Cove $13 

C. Design House Cambridge $15.50 

D. Weslock Impresa $29.15 

E. Schlage Addison  $30.87 

F. EZ Set Italian $32.93 

G. Kwikset Halifax $26.13 

H. Schlage Latitude $29.10

I. Schlage Avila $25

J. Schlage Birmingham $34

And if you’re looking for something a little different – here’s some fun specialty interior door knobs I found. Super good looking, but more expensive. 

Roundup of glass, crystal, porcelain, and brass door knobs to help you get the modern farmhouse look in your home

A. vintage porcelain replica $23.25

B. Nostalgic Warehouse porcelain $112.50

C. Nostalgic Warehouse black porcelain $131.5

D. Dynasty Crystal $68

E. Crystal w/ Backplate $112.50

F. Nostalgic Warehouse crystal $93.75

G. Baldwin Modern Chrome $82

H. Walnut Lever $179

I. Emtek French Antique $119

where to find exterior door hardware perfect for a modern farmhouse
paint color: SW Urbane Bronze 150% | my favorite $65 front door handle

Affordable exterior door knobs for the modern farmhouse:

Now that we’ve found some affordable interior door knobs, I’ve also rounded up some exterior door handles that would look great on most front doors. We recently used this $65 Kwikset handle purchased from Amazon (seen in the above front door of Mouse House.) It’s really great quality for a very inexpensive price. Believe me, I’ve searched and searched for these things and you can’t find a better exterior door handle for cheaper than this one (or at least I couldn’t find one – if you find one, let us know in the comments!)

full source list of affordable front door handles for a modern farmhouse look. Most available on Amazon!

A. Kwikset Belleview $65 

B. Dynasty Hardare $70

C. Honeywell Classic $52

D. Kwikset San Clemente $149

E. Schlage Camelot $129

F. Kwikset Montara: $136

G. Emtek Melrose $291

H. Davos $274

I. Baldwin Seattle $193

If you’re building from scratch or starting a whole house reno where you’ll need to replace all your door knobs, here’s an easy guide of exactly what to buy for every door in your house (and these are totally affordable!)

easy to follow guide for choosing cohesive door hardware for your whole house. Budget friend and modern farmhouse approved!

front door $65 

back door $26

bed & bath $13 

closets $15 

backstops 5/$7.99 


Whew, that’s a lot of info! I hope this helped you out in choosing your interior and exterior door hardware. All these little decisions can be overwhelming, so I’m hoping to put several of these shopping guides together for you to help get the Fixer Upper modern farmhouse look for your home. Check out my Fixer Upper lighting guide, outdoor lighting guide, flush mount lighting guide and also my kitchen hardware guide. 

What are you shopping for these days? Are you building or remodeling? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Love these!!! It seems by the time we reached the last details of building fancy knobs don’t fit in the budget. I like you gave some doable options! I love the black! I have not been able to find nice pocket door hardware. We have 3 sets of 8 ft pocket doors. The doors are very nice but still do not have hardware. Two sets open into the foyer and one set opens into the main living area. In total I need 6 knobs,or 12 handles or push plates. The cost of 12 fancy push plates plus having them carved into the door keeps me from purchasing that option. Knobs would look silly on 8 ft sliding doors. I have thought handles would look nice and are affordable, but I would need them on both sides so mounting them with a screw from the back like a cabinet or barn door won’t work. I would love some advice!

  2. I had no idea there were so many different kinds! Thanks for breaking it down for us. Makes it so much easier (and wayyyyy less overwhelming)!

  3. Christy, You are Awesome…!!!!! That is so much work that you have done. Thank you so much for helping us find less expensive hardware. These are what pulls everything together. Hugs to you

    1. aw, you’re so sweet Cathy! I’m so glad it was helpful for you and yes, it’s the little details that really finish off a home. Take care, and thanks for reading 🙂

          1. it’s a fiberglass door. I would love to have wood, but we live in IL where it’s 70 degrees one day and 30 the next… so my hubby wouldn’t let me get wood 🙁

  4. Found your blog site via Pintest; could not have come at a better time, as we are in the middle if an ICF/timber frame build & have started out with oil rub bronze levers for the exterior doors ; interior doors-never even thought about the one pocket door yet, but have now made notes to make sure it a orbronze pull of some type as well. the interior windows in the main areas are all fir, with bronze crank openers. so I will be using the same door levers there as well… Have been considering doing oilrub bronze pendants for kitchen island, but hubby seems concerned about this as the ceiling are vaulted in the main areas; Kitchen/Dinning rooms is 11 ft ceilings >> any ideas for here? We do like the farmhouse/industrial look.? Not sure if this link will work or not,, but this is the interior looking out from kitchen area >> off to read all your blog entries.

    1. Hi Cheryl – so glad you found my blog! Sounds like you’re building a beautiful home! So exciting but also very overwhelming with all the little decisions. For lighting I think you can go with bronze, black or even gold/brass if you like. I did a roundup of some gorgeous light fixtures Joanna uses a lot here Unfortunately, the link you shared wasn’t working but hopefully you can get some ideas from this post. Thanks for reading!

    1. It just means I had the paint guys add 50% more pigment to the color. It makes it a little more intense. It’s an interior designer trick that if you don’t completely love a color, just ask the paint guys to increase/decrease the pigment until you get what you like. Hope this helps 🙂

      1. Hello! Just curious, when you made the UB 150%, did it make it more bronze? I really love the color, but I really want more of the “bronze” part of it to come out. Thanks!

        1. Hi Jen, I didn’t want the brown/bronze tones to be more prominent I just wanted it to be a bit richer black. If you want it more brown, you could just tell the paint guys what you’re wanting and they will know which pigments to add. Good luck!

  5. Hi Christy,

    What brand/color of white paint is used on the baseboards and doors in the very first picture?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact color of the trim & doors in that pic. But you could try Simply White by Benjamin Moore for a similar look. I’d use semi-gloss for easy clean up as well. Thanks for reading!

    1. I answered in the comments above 🙂 It’s Belleville Smooth 1 Panel Door 3/4 Lite with Clear Glass from Masonite and we added 12″ sidelites on both sides. The paint color is SW Urbane Bronze (mixed at 150%)

  6. Do you recall what line of paint from SW (i.e. Super Paint, Resilience, etc) and sheen (Satin, Semi-Gloss, etc) you used for the front door.

      1. I tried to get a sample mixed at 150% in Urbane bronze but Benjamin Moore paint and it wouldn’t let her do it. I wanted a sample size to be able to see the difference before buying a gallon. I want to try this on my shutters and security door. Do you have any suggestions on how it could be done? Was it the brand of paint?

        1. Hi Stephanie – I’m not sure why she wouldn’t let you get a sample. You might have to go to a Sherwin Williams paint store since Urbane Bronze is a Sherwin Williams color. We bought our paint from Sherwin Williams. Good luck!

  7. Pingback: Fixer Upper Paint Colors - My Favorites | The Harper House
    1. It’s the Belleville Smooth 1 Panel Door 3/4 Lite with Clear Glass from Masonite and we added 12″ sidelites.

  8. Thank you so much for your list! I have been struggling for a long time to find the right door sets and you’ve made it much simpler for me (particularly those that ship to Australia)! I’m still struggling with the idea of mixing metals. I have the aged bronze type look for my kitchen handles and tapware – and I’m not sure if I should continue this throughout both in and out (it’s doing my head in so any advice on this would be much appreciated!). I love the link to the front door handle. I have a french door very close to the front door. What type of handles would you recommend to match in with your front door set? Would they need to also be in an aged / rubbed bronze? And if I added outdoor wall lights – would they then also be the aged bronze, or could I go black? Arrghhhh so many decisions! 🙂

    1. I’m so glad my post was helpful, Caroline! Mixing metals can take a little getting used to 🙂 But you can definitely mix your bronze knobs with flat black light fixtures and handles! I actually prefer black outdoor wall lights personally, so I think that would look gorgeous. For your french doors, I think something like this would look great (in either the venetian bronze or iron black finish.) Hope this helps!!

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  11. Beautiful choice of hardware and beautiful home. The hall hardware photo…are those New York Long Plates? And do you know if you can flip the plate so that the longer part is on top? I’m looking for something like that for a pantry door where everyone seems to grab just above the handle.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      We purchased this door from our local lumber company – it’s the Belleville Smooth 1 Panel Door 3/4 Lite with Clear Glass from Masonite (with 12″ sidelites). You can purchase a similar option at Home Depot. Hope this helps!

  12. I have gone to Sherwin Williams to get them to me the SW Urbane Bronze at 150% and they said it would be to much for the can. Do I just tell them to do it 50% more pigment

    1. Hi Rebecca – it sounds like you got an inexperienced employee because it’s literally only a few drops of pigment. Yes, you are asking them to increase the amount of pigment in the formula to give you a richer color. So if the formula calls for 5 drops of black, they’ll put in 10 drops (this is just an example.) you do not want more paint, but more pigment. Hope this makes sense! Just ask for a supervisor next time because there are a lot of new employees out there these days!

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