Sherwin Williams Repose Gray Color Review

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams (SW 7015) is a great neutral gray paint color for any room in your house. It’s considered to be one of the most popular gray paint colors and consistently falls on Sherwin Williams’ best seller list year after year.

In this color review, I’m going to be answering some frequently asked questions about Repose Gray (or Repose Grey for our British friends.) So the next time you’re wandering around in the paint aisle, you’ll feel a little more confident in your decision. This is a long post, so grab a cup of coffee and curl up in your comfy chair and let’s get started!

**And be sure to scroll all the way through for a video and secret tip!

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Sherwin Williams gray paint colors - Repose Gray, Mindful Gray, Dorian Gray, Worldly Gray, Agreeable Gray and more!

Is Sherwin Williams Repose Gray warm or cool?

Repose Gray is a greige paint color. What is greige? It’s just a fancy name coined from combining gray (cool) and beige (warm). Greige paint colors coordinate beautifully with many different paint colors.

It’s not too light or too dark. So if you’re looking for one neutral gray paint color to use throughout your entire house, SW Repose Gray would be a great choice! In fact, many designers and real estate agents recommend this color to clients looking to sell their homes.

With that said, Repose Gray is a WARM gray due to having a bit of brown pigment added to its formula. but…. it can flash a bit cool in certain situations because of the undertones (keep reading!)

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray walls
Cassie Scaldaferri’s gorgeous light filled living room // walls: Repose Gray

What Undertones are in Repose Gray?

Repose Gray has blue undertones and slight violet (purple undertones) but they are very minimal. These cool undertones have a greater likelihood of showing up in a north facing room or hallways and other areas with not a lot of natural light.

So if your room has northern exposure, Repose Gray will lean a bit more blue with just a flash of purple/violet in the shadows. But in a south or west-facing room, it will look much lighter with no noticeable undertones at all (like in Cassie’s gorgeous room above.) Be sure to follow Cassie on Instagram for more pics of her beautiful coastal home!

One of the great things about Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams is its versatility and these slight undertones play a huge part in this. Repose Gray really is the perfect paint color, which can also act as a chameleon and pick up slight hints of color from its surroundings as well.

What is the LRV of Repose Gray?

Repose Gray has an LRV of 58. Well, that’s great but what the heck does that mean?

LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value (also referred to as Light Reflective Value) In a nutshell, it’s the number associated with the amount of light a paint color will reflect into the room.

 LRV is based on a scale of 0-100, with 0 being the blackest black and 100 associated with the brightest white (although in the painting world, there is no paint color that is pure black or pure white.)

For reference, Tricorn Black has an LRV of 3 and High Reflective White has an LRV of 93.

So Repose Gray, with an LRV of 58 is considered a light gray paint color that will reflect light in certain situations.

Check out Kylie’s post for even more info on LRV – she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things paint colors!

Peel & Stick Paint Samples

So if you’d like an easy (and mess free!) way to sample these colors in your own home, you should definitely check out SAMPLIZE.

  • Samplize offers LARGE 12″ x 12″ peel and stick paint samples of almost every paint color available! No more staring at a tiny 2 inch square trying to pick a paint color.
  • Samples are only $5.95 each with free shipping for US orders over $15
  • Arrive right to your DOOR STEP in 1-3 days
  • They’re repositionable, less messy, and eco-friendly! No more storing or disposing of dozens of leftover paint samples
  • Samples are REAL PAINT, not printed ink so you can see the real color & texture

Check out the Repose Gray sample here.

Sherwin Williams exterior paint schemes, Repose Gray SW 7015
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray siding via Making Our Home NC

Is Repose Gray a Good Exterior Color?

Absolutely, Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is a great exterior paint color! I find that it looks especially gorgeous on southern style architecture and coastal beach homes.

exterior paint ideas, sw repose gray
Sherwin Williams Repose Grey exterior paint color via PBC Design + Build

It’s important to keep in mind that paint colors will usually always appear lighter when used in exterior applications. This is due to the amount of natural light being reflected off the surface.

So since Repose Gray SW 7015 has an LRV value of 58 it will look even lighter when used outside.

But I personally love light gray paint colors used on exteriors. Whether used as house paint, painted fences, gray deck paint, they all look gorgeous to me! I also love warm gray paint colors on modern farmhouses, a coastal beach house, or even more modern or traditional homes.

light gray siding paint color
Siding = SW Repose Gray // Shutter & Doors = SW Dorian Gray // Trim = Alabaster White via Bell Sheep Studio

If you’re looking for more of a dark gray paint color for exteriors, you can try the other colors on the same paint strip such as Dovetail or Gauntlet Gray. Gray or greige paint colors are a classic choice for house exteriors and won’t go out of style any time soon.

SW Repose Gray 7015 can also be used as a trim color for windows, garage doors, porches, and more.

True Gray paint color for exteriors
Sherwin Williams Dovetail Exterior (siding) with SW Repose Gray trim via Highland Builders
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray on exterior shake shingles of Florida beach house via TS Adams Studio
SW Repose Gray on siding // possible trim color: SW Snowbound via TS Adams Studio
SW Repose Gray on siding // possible trim color: SW Snowbound via TS Adams Studio

Repose Gray Coordinating Colors

Since Repose Grey is such a beautiful color and more of a neutral gray, it can coordinate well with lots of different colors.

Just ask Joanna Gaines, who lists Repose Grey as one of her favorite Fixer Upper paint colors.

Look at this gorgeous accent wall Holly created in her little girl’s room featuring Repose Gray wall color and Sherwin Williams Koral Kicks:

pink accent wall with Repose Gray walls in baby nursery
accent wall: SW Koral Kicks // other walls: SW Repose Gray via Holly Nagel
gray kitchen cabinets with Repose Gray Sherwin Williams trim
wall color: SW Repose Grey // kitchen cabinet color: SW Dovetail via Jamestown Estate Homes

If you’re looking for a beautiful medium gray paint color to use for your kitchen cabinets, try Sherwin Williams Dovetail which is on the same paint strip as Repose Grey.

best paint colors to use with Repose Gray
clockwise from top right:
trim color – SW Snowbound / front door: SW Copen Blue / accent wall: SW Cadet and SW Koral Kicks
Repose Gray Color Review
Siding = SW Repose Gray // Shutter & Doors = SW Dorian Gray // Trim = Alabaster White via Bell Sheep Studio

Leah from Bell Sheep studio did a fantastic job choosing the exterior color palette for this gorgeous southern style home pictured above! She used SW Repose Gray for the siding, SW Dorian Gray for doors and shutters, and SW Alabaster for trim. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more inspiration.

Repose Gray vs. Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray is a very similar color to Repose Gray, but it’s a bit warmer with slight taupe / beige undertones. If you’re more of a beige girl, but are trying to bring your home into the 21st century without totally jumping on the gray bandwagon – then Agreeable Gray would be a great choice!

However, if you’re wanting a bit less beige and more gray color, then try Repose Gray.

Still completely confused and can’t decide? Then SAMPLIZE peel & stick samples will be your new best friend! Grab Repose Gray and Agreeable Gray samples to place around your home to see how they each look in different lighting conditions, throughout the day.

Best Trim Colors to use with Repose Gray

Best Trim Colors to use with Repose Gray
Walls: SW Repose Gray // Wainscoting & trim: SW Pure White via Centre Stage Design

Now that you’ve finally chosen that perfect gray paint color, you’re probably asking yourself what color to paint the trim with Repose Gray walls? I’ve spent hours researching this post and here’s the most popular white paint colors to use with Repose Grey:

Grab some peel and stick, environmentally friendly paint samples here.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray in Real Homes

Picking paint colors is hard and I know it really helps to see potential colors in real homes. I’ve gathered some great examples to help you make the best choice possible. All pics are linked to their original sources, so click the links below each pic for more details.

Kitchen Cabinets

Grey kitchen cabinets with quartz countertops
Repose Gray kitchen cabinets + stove hood via Finding Lovely

Repose Grey continues to be one of the most popular paint colors for kitchen cabinets and for good reason! It offers just the right amount of contrast against white marble and quartz countertops, and is a great neutral color so you can mix virtually any color accessories with it.

Or even mix in a gorgeous blue Italian range like Jackie from Finding Lovely. drool.

gray kitchen cabinet ideas
cabinetry: Repose Gray via Jaimee Rose Interiors

Jaimee Rose designed this butler’s pantry with light grey cabinets (SW 7015) paired with brass fixtures and beautiful light toned hardwood floors. This is such a classic look, which makes Repose Grey a good choice that will stand the test of time and never look overly trendy.

traditional kitchen with gray cabinets
Repose Grey Sherwin Williams kitchen cabinets via Lifeinthe50sLane

Gray kitchen cabinets look stunning with warm to dark toned wood, as shown in Tara’s gorgeous traditional style kitchen.

If you’re looking for the perfect medium gray, you might want to try Mindful Gray which is a beautiful true gray with warm undertones.

Living Rooms

Gray painted living room with blue sofa and white shiplap fireplace
SW Repose Grey walls with white trim via Southern Studio Interior Design
SW Repose Gray family room via Homes by Tradition

Notice how beautiful it looks in this great room with white trim and white cabinets next to the fireplace. I also love how the designer warmed up the space even more with the natural jute rug.

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams SW7015
Gray walls painted SW Repose Gray via AK Construction
gray hallway walls with white trim and hardwood floors
Repose Grey walls with white trim via Wendmill Designs

Dining Rooms

Repose Gray dining room via Home by KMB
Repose Gray dining room via Home by KMB
Repose Grey walls in dining room via W Design Interiors
Repose Grey walls in dining room via W Design Interiors


Repose Gray bedroom via Designing Vibes
Repose Gray bedroom via Designing Vibes
Gray Bedrooms, Repose Grey Bedroom, Best Neutral Paint Colors
SW 7015 Repose Gray master bedroom via bma_21


Repose Gray bathroom vanity, light gray bathroom cabinets
Rose Gray mixed at 50% on the cabinets via Jaimee Rose Interiors
modern farmhouse bathroom with gray walls and marble tile SW Repose Gray SW 7015
gray bathroom walls painted SW Repose Gray via AK Construction

Video Review

Videos are always helpful. Jacob Owens and Kylie are two of the top color experts when it comes to choosing paint colors. Watch these videos if you’re still undecided and need even more info:

Secret Painting Tip and Final Thoughts

To reward you for making it through the world’s longest post, here’s a secret tip that designers use to get the perfect paint color:


  • Ask your paint store to mix it at 150% (this increases the pigments and makes the color richer and darker.)


  • Ask your paint store to mix it at 50% (this decreases the pigments and results in a lighter color.)

Whew, this was a long post! If you made it to the end, you deserve a gold star (or maybe a donut?) I do hope you found it helpful though!

I’m hoping to do more paint color review posts like this soon. What other colors would you like me to review? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out these other posts you might like:

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I truly appreciate your support!

Repose Gray Sherwin Williams SW7015

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  1. Looking at repose gray for body exterior of house, with high reflective white as trim and a blue door ( indigo batik or endless sea). I like in florida house gets a lot. of sun. I am concerned the sun will make the repose look more white. would like your opinion on this.
    thank you

    1. Hi Geri!
      Repose Gray will definitely look lighter when used outside in the sun because it has a higher LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 58 (the higher the number the more light gets reflected and the lighter the color appears.) Repose Gray will work if you’re going for a very pale gray color. If you want a more saturated medium gray tone, I’d recommend you choose a gray with a lower LRV. Dorian Gray is on the same color strip as Repose Gray, but has a lower LRV of 39 so it won’t reflect as much light and will read as a true gray. Here’s a good pic of it used on a gorgeous home: Either way, I’d definitely recommend getting some samples to test out. Choosing exterior paint colors can be a bit tricky! I hope this helps 🙂

    1. Thanks for the idea, Grace! I’ll definitely put some teal colors on my list for future posts. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wanting to use repose gray for our siding and trim for the exterior of our house. We have siding on the front porch and the rest is red brick. Do you think I should have it mixed a little darker like your tip to go with the red brick? We are also painting the front door iron ore. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I would mix it darker or use a darker tone on the same paint strip as Repose Gray like Dorian or Dovetail 🙂

  3. If I use repose gray on the cabinets at 50% but make my kitchen island the focal point, what color do you recommend for the island?

    1. There are so many variables that go into choosing an island color, it’s really personal preference (and also needs to coordinate with other tones in your home like flooring and countertop material.) You could go use a darker coordinating color on the same paint strip as Repose Gray (Mindful Gray, Dorian Gray, Dovetail,etc…) or you could use a favorite accent color like a blueish gray or green (like Silver Strand or Stardew). You really just need to grab some samples and see which you prefer. Good luck!

  4. Do you think Repose Gray walls will work with Origami white for doors/trim and Snowbound for cabinets? Thanks!!

    1. sure, I think that would be a nice combo! Just be sure to grab samples first to see how they look with your fixed elements (flooring, counters, etc…) and natural lighting.

  5. I am putting new white siding on my home on the sides and back. However the front of the home is stone and I was considering painting it repose gray or Dovetail. I’m not sure what color will look best. The windows and posts will be white and I was thinking of doing a black front door and a black garage door. I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kristi, sorry for the delay in responding. My family and I have been battling covid the last few weeks and I’m just now getting some of my energy back! I think either color would be gorgeous, but just keep in mind that colors look MUCH lighter on exterior walls than they would inside. So the Repose Gray would look like a very pale gray or even an off-white (which is gorgeous if that’s what you’re going for!) but if you’re wanting more of an actual gray, I’d go with the Dovetail. But I’d still grab some samples from Samplize just to make sure! Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Love this blog post! I’m trying to narrow down paint colors for the main areas of the house. We bought a home & the floors are all honey oak (I think? It’s the orange/red wood) and I’m concerned the color I pick will clash. I’m not a fan of beiges, I’m drawn to grays. Do you think Repose gray would work or is it too cool in color? Another idea was Agreeable Gray but my husband think it’s a bit boring.
    Any advice?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Jen – honestly, I would really recommend just grabbing a few samples from Samplize and throwing them up on your wall to see how they look with your floors and lighting conditions. Both Repose and Agreeable Gray would probably be fine, but it’s just so hard to know for sure without getting some samples.

  7. Hi! What color front door do you recommend with Mindful Gray exterior? I would like a pop of color, but it doesn’t have to be. 🙂 Thank you so much!

    1. you could really go with anything! But I tend to like soft coastal colors personally, so take a look at Silvermist by Sherwin Williams. It’s a soft blueish-green and I think it would look great with Mindful Gray 🙂

  8. Hi – I really like the light and airy look of Repose BUT my house is in California and gets southern exposure.
    If I paint the EXTERIOR of the house Repose Gray with a Pure White trim I think it may look rather white.
    I am terrible with color. I have tried about six different colors (SW Light French Grey, SW Zircon, SW Mindful Grey, BM Stonington) and they all look about the same to me at different times of the day.
    Any suggestions of what LIGHT grey color would work best on a south facing house? Or should I just darken it up to 150%? Will it look too dark?
    Thinking of peppercorn shutters (if they stay on) and maybe peppercorn, teal, or a dark teal front door.
    Any suggestions/ advice GREATLY appreciated. (My painters are waiting and frustrated that I can’t decide, paint store consultants are sick of me too.)
    Hope you and your family are doing better!

    1. Hi Rosine, I think Repose Gray would look beautiful on your home (just look at the exterior of the beach home I posted above by TS Adams Studio.) But yes, it will definitely be a very light gray to off-white look. If you’re wanting a more saturated medium gray tone, I’d recommend you choose a gray with a lower LRV. Dorian Gray is on the same color strip as Repose Gray, but has a lower LRV of 39 so it won’t reflect as much light and will read as a true gray. We’ve also used Intellectual Gray on the exterior of one of our flip houses and loved how it turned out. It was also south facing – you can see a pic at the bottom of my Grey Paint Colors post. But if that look is a little too dark for you, then I think increasing the Repose Gray by 150% would be perfect 🙂 take care!

  9. We have been updating our 80’s home and I just painted my walls repose grey, kitchen cabinets are alabaster white, countertop is a quartz neutral white/off white with subtle grey/beige graining, flooring consists of large square tiles that are a combination of brown, grey & some black, and appliances are stainless steel. Our doors, door frames and base trim are honey oak. I want to paint the pantry door and garage entry door in the kitchen a color other than the stained honey oak, and I considered painting the base trim white and the doors and door trim Dorian Grey. Would that look any good and do you have any other suggestions?

    1. Hi Carla,
      Yes, I think if you paint the base trim white and doors Dorian Gray that would give you a beautiful update and mix nicely with your other colors. I would paint the baseboards and door trim Alabaster to tie in your kitchen cabinet color.

  10. I am painting my exterior home which is a 3 story building which is made of stucco material . The home is on the beachside. After all I have read Repose Grey maybe too white . Any suggestions on what color trim around the windows.
    I will take any suggestions. Hope all is well with your family.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mary Jo, I’m not sure I understand your question – are you using Repose Grey for the exterior and need a trim color to go with Repose Grey? If so, White Dove or Alabaster are both nice. If you’re looking for a tad darker gray color, you could try SW Dorian Gray which is on the same paint strip as Repose, just a bit darker. Hope this helps 🙂

  11. Hello, First time on your site!
    I love Repose Gray but my question is would it look good as a wall or cabinet color if the floor is a pink beige?
    To me the large sample of Repose looks good with the floor but does Repose Gray go with pink. To me my floor looks beige like sand but I am told it is pink beige. It is not like some of the pink tiles I see online that are definitely pink.
    Wondering your thoughts.
    Judy G

    1. Hi Judy! This is a tough question and gets a bit tricky, so I did a bit of research and this video by Kylie really helps see various grays and beiges against other pink/red toned woods. One of her favorites is Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore and Alpaca by Sherwin Williams. She recommends sticking to grays with taupe/violet undertones. Hope this helps!

  12. Hi Christy,

    I’m looking to paint the exterior of our house Repose Gray 150%, with white trim. Would a dark black/charcoal front door (9 panel glass) look ok? And could we use Repose on the interior walls also or would that be too much? We have lots of white furniture inside with a coastal vibe and pops of pastel colour throughout. Thank you – Susan

    1. Hi Susan, yes I think Repose Gray would be fine for both your exterior and interior (and it might make things a bit easier for your painters!) A nice charcoal black color to try for your door is Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore. You can get a peel and stick sample here. thanks so much for reading my blog 🙂

      1. Hi thinking of using RG on walls for kitchen, living room and hallway ( open concept) but my kitchen cabinets are a cream colour.Will this match ?

        1. unfortunately, the only way to know for sure how it will look is to get a sample so you can see how it looks with your cabinets and other fixtures in your space. Natural light plays a huge role in how the paint looks in a space, so we always recommend getting samples.

  13. Hello,

    I came across your review on repose and hopefully you can help me out. Our cabinets are the focal point of our open space house and we painted them Repose. We are having an issue choosing the wall color of the living room, hall, kitchen and dining room. House has an open concept. We have tan walls and it’s clashing with the repose. These areas don’t get much light so we are trying to lighten up the walls around the repose. We did a sample of Eider White and it just looks cold. My wife wants something that is creamy or warmer. After reading some of your blogs, it looks like BM white dove May look good. We came across SW Alabaster. However my wife likes warm creamy looks and not too bright. We came across on a blog on LRV’s and those have high LRV’s. So now, I’m just are a lost because of the looking for warms colors between 60-65 and will not blend with the repose cabinets. The lights were use in the house are soft white and floors are brownish. So now we are torn between the High LRV alabaster or white dove and the mid range LRV’s balboa mist, abalone, or edgecomb grey. I know it’s a lot but thanks for your time and help.

    1. Hi Ray – personally, I would go with White Dove just because I’m most familiar with that color in my own home and I love it! It’s a nice warm creamy white and will look gorgeous with Repose Gray. If your wife doesn’t want white, then a suggestion might be to use 50% Repose Gray (this just means that the paint store will use 50% of the pigment instead of the full strength, thus resulting in a paint color with the same tones of Repose Gray but lighter. This will also ensure that your walls coordinate beautifully with your cabinets!) Have your paint store mix it in a sample so you can sample it on your walls (you can even ask for a 25% Repose Gray if the 50% seems too dark.) Hope this helps!

  14. Hi, Hope you can help me with my puzzle. I have selected Repose Gray kitchen cabinets for the kitchen in our new build which is open to the living room/hallway/staircase etc. (Floors are natural finish white oak. Counter tops are extremely dark gray with a little white veining, tile is white with some cream and gray distressing, island hood will have reclaimed barn wood that’s a mix of warm and darker gray wood) I’m thinking about using Agreeable gray on the walls to warm it up a little but I don’t want to clash with the Repose gray cabinets. I’m considering snowbound on trim. (I like a contrast between walls and trim) A lot of info here but wonder about your opinion – do you think this will all go together ok? Thanks, Karen (p.s. not “that” Karen! lol)

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for reading my blog – I think those colors would look great but please make sure you grab some samples first to see if they look good with your fixed elements (flooring, countertops, etc…) in the room and lighting sources. Samplize is a great source for peel and stick samples that you can re-use and move around the house, and you don’t have to store any leftover paint! My sister in law just painted her living room and kitchen Agreeable Gray and it looks amazing! Good luck!

  15. Hi Christy,
    Just read your article and considering SW Repose gray for trim color or SW Passive. Garage door and shutters will be painted Sherwin Williams peppercorn. Front door is stained “Shale” which is a wood grain with a gray undertone, the storm door is bronze (which favors more brown undertone than gray) and our brick is red. I am concerned both of the paint colors may look white with all the natural light we receive in the summer. Any suggestions?

  16. Thanks for the reply! Quick follow up question -I am wondering now if agreeable and repose are too close in tone? What would you recommend for the walls if I want to have a bit of contrast without going too dark? THANKS so much!

    1. If you’re wanting something with a bit more contrast, I’d try a color on the Repose Gray paint strip (see the first pic in this post.) Mindful Gray or Dorian Gray are both great choices! Or you could also have them darken Repose Gray a bit (just have your paint store mix Repose Gray at 150%.) Hope this helps 🙂

  17. Hi! After reading your post and painting 6 different color greys/griege options I’m going with repose grey on our brick house and alabaster white on our trim. I am having trouble deciding on a door color. We have a charcoal grey roof. Thank you I’m advance!

    1. Hi Mary Kate – sorry for the late reply! Maybe try Boothbay Gray for a beautiful gray blue color? Or to keep things simple, you could go a few shades deeper on the Repose Gray paint strip with Dovetail or Black Fox. Good luck!

  18. I have Silver Sea granite on my kitchen counters – has lots of grey with some white and black. Backsplash is light grey subway. Thinking of painting the walls Repose Gray and the kitchen cabinets Alabaster or Snowbound. My kitchen does get a lot of natural light. I’m afraid Snowbound will be too white so am leaning toward Alabaster. What do you think. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda – without seeing your space, the only way to really know for sure is to order some paint samples to see how they look with your lighting situation. Snowbound will give you a brighter white and Alabaster will lean a bit warmer but they’re both great colors 🙂

  19. We painted our open floor plan in Repose Gray. Kitchen, living, hall, then bedroom. It looks baby blue in every room. (Windows on east & west) How can we make it lean gray? Our trim is white, our kichen cabinets are a dark espresso. Desperately want to love it but don’t.
    Thank you.

    1. so sorry to hear that Lisa! Unfortunately, paint colors look drastically different based on lighting conditions, and undertones of fixed objects (like flooring, etc…) that’s why I definitely recommend sampling every color before you paint. You might try changing out your light bulbs to a warmer temperature, but I don’t think there’s any definitive way to “make it lean gray”.

  20. I want to use Repose gray in my lake house that I am using fruitwood stain on knotty alder doors and trim inside. What do you think?

    1. I think it would look great, but definitely grab a sample just to see how it looks in your space!

  21. In the above post it says “rose grey at 50 percent on cabinets” Via Jamiee Rose. Is this simply a 50% repose grey typo

  22. Hi!this post is so helpful!! I’m agonizing over our exterior paint color. Wood siding; colonial style; faces north and little west. Big trees that sort of shade it 3 seasons but then, it’s pretty exposed in winter lighting & we’re in the Midwest so we get snow. Haha!! So many variables. I was going to go creamy white (shoji white) but I’m nervous about pulling the trigger and I love gray/ off white. Think repose gray could work?! With one or two shades darker shutters maybe?! Any advice would be amazing!!

    1. Hi Renee, so sorry for the delay getting back to you. Yes, Repose Gray could definitely work but it will look very *light* when used as an exterior paint (almost like an off-white). It just depends on how saturated a gray you’re looking for. We used Intellectual Gray for the exterior of our flip house and I really loved it (we’re also in the Midwest). Here’s another post from a designer that has some good info and lots of pics: Hope this helps!

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