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Our Living Room Refresh with Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home from Walmart

I am so excited to share our new living room refresh with you guys! For so long, this room has sat in a state of disarray. I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go in because I honestly love so many different styles and colors.

I felt paralyzed with indecision – do I do pink pillows?  Blue?  But I love green too. And what do I put on that giant wall above the sofa?  and how do I get it all to coordinate and look good?

I didn’t want to spend tons of money on one style and then change my mind in 6 months so I kinda gave up and just lived with a hodge podge of things that were just … meh. 

But then last month Walmart invited me to help kick off their new Flower Home line by Drew Barrymore! And it was the answer to this indecisive mama’s home decor prayers! Stylish + affordable, means I can finally conquer my decorating fear of commitment.

Drew is known for her super fun, eclectic, bohemian style and her new Flower Home line definitely fits that description! The pieces are full of color and patterns that can bring life and texture to your space, without taking a huge dent out of your wallet. Finding great stylish pieces for an affordable price is sometimes hard to come by these days, but Walmart has really stepped up their game with this new collaboration with Drew!

And I think she perfectly sums up how most of us feel about decorating our homes: 

“I think we’re in the joy business—make a home that you can have people in that you love and be in by yourself, and feel safe and inspired and calm and enveloped and happy.”


So before we get started, I have to show the gorgeous before photo – right? 😉

before pic of living room

embarrassing, huh? This pic was taken before we got our new sectional and I was getting ready to wash the slipcovers on our old sofa. Everything is just blah and nothing is really thought out or well coordinated. Notice how the curtains are about 8 inches too short? yeah, not a good look. I was using leftover curtains from a previous house, just trying to make do while I struggled to make up my mind.

When planning out a new space, I like to create quick room mockups in Photoshop. This really helps me visualize how the space will look – before I click the buy button! So here’s my photshop mockup:

Photoshop mockup of living room using Drew Barrymore Flower Home items

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And here’s the actual finished room:

Don’t those Vintage Palm Curtains from Drew’s Flower Home line just add the perfect mix of color and pattern to the space?  I was so impressed with the quality of these curtains! They have a nice heavy weight to them and they are LINED so they can also function as black out panels! I didn’t even know that when I ordered, so that was a pleasant surprise since this room gets loads of southern sun in the summer. So it will be nice to block out some of that heat! 

Drew Barrymore Flower Home Vintage Palm Curtain fabric

They also come in 3 different lengths. I ordered the 95″ panels which was a perfect length for this room. And the price is so affordable at $69 (for a PAIR of panels!)

Living room refresh with Drew Barrymore Flower Home

It looks like everyone loves these curtains as much as I do, because they’re currently out of stock. But I’m crossing my fingers for a quick restock! Just enter your email and Walmart will notify you when they get restocked – love that!

Living room refresh with Drew Barrymore Flower Home

I also snagged this gorgeous vintage floral pillow. The colors are amazing – green and pink, my faves! It pairs nicely with the macrame pillow which adds some much needed texture to the space.

Flower Home throw pillows

I also had to grab this gorgeous green velvet pillow – love the cute little tassels! #pillowaddict 

Flower Home throw pillows

Flower Home wall art

I added this colorful art canvas on the wall above the sectional. It comes in multiple sizes as well (I chose the 32″x42″ and hung it horizontally.) Then I just printed out some simple botanical leaves to hang on either side. 

Flower Home wall art

I tried to get a shot of the full room – showing our dormer windows above. This room gets FLOODED with natural light, which I absolutely love! (now if it could just stop raining here in IL, that would be great!!)

Living room refresh with Drew Barrymore Flower Home

Living room refresh with Drew Barrymore Flower Home

Here’s the other side of the room. My assistant was getting a bit tired of all the photos being taken, LOL! Craig recently redid our staircase – didn’t it turn out great? Full post coming soon!

Living room refresh with Drew Barrymore Flower Home

I love this rattan oval mirror from Drew’s new line. It was only $69 and adds the perfect bit of texture to this wall. Bonus: I can shoot some super fun reflections with it!

Living room refresh with Drew Barrymore Flower Home

mirror //  art  //  green pillow  //  curtains

Living room refresh with Drew Barrymore Flower Home

That wraps up the tour of our living room refresh. Thank you so much to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

And just for fun, I created another photoshop mockup to see what the room would look like with different pieces from Flower Home

Photoshop mockup of living room using Drew Barrymore Flower Home items

Adding different curtains changes the whole look, don’t ya think? Be sure to check out the rest of the line at Walmart.com here. Walmart offers free shipping on almost everything – even large furniture items like this adorable chaise lounge and velvet pink sofa ship for free! And that sofa is available in 2 DAYS – what the what? A super stylish sofa delivered in 2 days?!?! YES PLEASE!

Here’s a few more favorites to check out – just scroll and click the pics to shop. Hope you all have a great week!

Spring decorating with Drew Barrymore Flower Home from Walmart

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    1. Thanks so much Laura! It really is just a breath of fresh air – can’t wait for all this rain to stop here in IL!

  1. Where is your sofa from I tried to look on your site and could not find it…the one where you are advertising Drew’s new stuff…
    Been reading all your shiplap ideas, as we have a new to us house after being burnt out of paradise ca in nov 2018…
    Totally starting back over with the remodels again after being nearly done with our last house, this one is a very old ranch style house that needs lots of shiplap love

    1. Hi Dora, our sectional is the Sullivan from Pottery Barn and we used the Crypton Performance Everydaylinen in Oatmeal. We are super happy with it. But definitely wait for one of their Buy More Save More sales so you can get 30% off 🙂 Thanks for reading and good luck with your new house! I can totally relate – we seem to fix up the houses, get them where we want them and then move! ugh. Thankfully, we’re staying in this one for at least the next 5 years (hopefully!)

    1. Thanks so much! It’s this one from Pottery Barn, and it’s definitely my favorite furniture purchase EVER. It’s pricey (so wait for their 30% off Buy More sales that they run about 2-3 times/year) but worth every penny! The fabric we got is the Performance Everyday Linen by Crypton (in Oatmeal) and it still looks brand new and we’ve had it about 10 months now 🙂

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