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Hi all! Wow, summer is flying by and I can’t believe it’s August already! We’ve been settling into the new house s l o w l y. I’m helping my almost 11 year old with her room and she’s in the market for a new desk. So I stopped in my local furniture store the other day to see what they had. And imagine my surprise when I saw a full display of Magnolia Home Furniture!

Magnolia Home Furniture Farmhouse Scallop Coffee Table - find my real life review of Joanna's new furniture line on the blog! #fixerupper #magnoliahome www.theharperhouse.com

Guys, I didn’t even know anyone in my area carried Joanna’s furniture line, so this was a total shock to me! Of course, I didn’t have my big camera with me but I was able to snap a few pics with my phone. I know there’s not a lot of info or reviews out there yet about the Magnolia Home Furniture line, so I thought I’d give you all my honest opinions about the pieces I saw and share the prices too. (Price plays a HUGE factor in any of my shopping decisions. So no matter how much I love something, if I feel it’s over priced, I will not buy it!)

Magnolia Home Furniture Reviews:

So here we go… the pieces in the above picture are the Farmhouse Scallop Coffee Table and the Homestead Sofa Chaise.

I thought the coffee table was adorable! It seemed very sturdy and looks well made. The online description said it’s made of pine and the dimensions are 28” D x 52” W x 19” H. The scallops are super cute (but I am a sucker for scallops! And Joanna uses this design attribute on several of her pieces – yay!) My store had it priced at $279, which I think is very reasonable.

Magnolia Home Furniture Homestead Sofa Chaise - find my real life review of Joanna's new furniture line on the blog! #fixerupper #magnoliahome www.theharperhouse.com

My thoughts on the Homestead Sofa Chaise are somewhat mixed. I think it’s a good size and the color is pretty and neutral. However, it was not very comfortable when I sat on it (insert sad face.) The cushions were a little too overstuffed (with poly maybe?) so there was no “sink in” factor like I like with down stuffed cushions. It was priced at $1819. So unfortunately, I think there are better options out there in this price range.

Magnolia Home Furniture Scallop Bench - find my real life review of Joanna's new furniture line on the blog! #fixerupper #magnoliahome www.theharperhouse.com

Next up was this  Scallop Bench with Storage. This comes in 3 colors (Barn Door – featured, Jo’s White, & Bench). I LOVED this bench and wish I had a place for it! It’s very sturdy as well and made of pine with dimensions of 65″L X 22″W X 38″H. The top lifts up and there’s a surprising amount of storage inside. This would make a fabulous statement piece in an entryway or mudroom (or maybe even use it in your dining room with a farmhouse table?) Price at my store was $759 which is sorta pricey, but I’ve seen it online for cheaper. Nebraska Furniture Mart’s price was $589 and Value City Furniture has it for $599. So definitely shop around if you have these stores near you.

Magnolia Home Furniture Spool Leg Desk - find my real life review of Joanna's new furniture line on the blog! #fixerupper #magnoliahome www.theharperhouse.com

The Spool Leg Desk is another great piece! I seriously considered this desk for my office in the new house. But my room is tiny and I really need more storage space so I don’t think it will work for me. But it is a gorgeous desk in person and I love the Jenny Lind inspired turned legs. It comes in a soft Dove Grey color and features 2 drawers (hardware is not attached in the photo) and is made of white oak. The dimensions are 56″L X 28″W X 30″H and the price was $519.

Magnolia Home Furniture Farmhouse Keeping Dining Table - find my real life review of Joanna's new furniture line on the blog! #fixerupper #magnoliahome www.theharperhouse.com

The only Magnolia Home Furniture dining table my store had on the floor was this Keeping Dining Table from Joanna’s Farmhouse line. It’s available in 6′, 7′ or 8′ lengths (6′ is shown above) and comes in 2 finishes: Jo’s White or the distressed stain version called Bench. I thought this was very well made as well and think those drawers are such a good idea. They’d be a great place to store place mats, or paper & crayons for the kiddos! Price for the 6ft version was $879.

Magnolia Home Furniture Spindle Back Side Chair - find my real life review of Joanna's new furniture line on the blog! #fixerupper #magnoliahome www.theharperhouse.com

The Spindle Back Side Chairs were displayed with the dining table. I liked the way the black finish (Jo’s Black) played off the white of the farmhouse table. Joanna uses this combo of white & black in a lot of her home designs. The chairs feel comfortable (but a tad on the large size – maybe I’m just not used to such large dining chairs?) and come in your choice of three colors: Jo’s White, Jo’s Black, and Bench (stain). These were priced at $169 which seems slightly high to me. If you want a cheaper way to get this look, scour your local thrift stores & garage sales for cast off dining chairs and spray paint them all one color for a cohesive look.

So the bad news is that’s all the pieces my local store had on the floor. The good news is, I’m going to visit another store next week that has a FULL SHOWROOM! woot woot! My kiddos are off to “Grammy Camp” (which basically consists of them spending a few days at my parents’ house individually) and there is a furniture store about 30 mins away from my parents that carries Jo’s new line. So we’re going to make a fun trip over there (Ok, I think it will be fun – my kids probably won’t, lol!) I’ll be sure to take lots of pics and maybe even a video (if I can figure that out…cough cough…I’m so non techy).

To find the closest retailer near you, check their website: Magnolia Home Furniture.

I hope you have a fabulous week! Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more farmhousey goodness and updates on our flip house!

xo, siggy

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Magnolia Home Furniture - find my real life review of Joanna's new furniture line on the blog! #fixerupper #magnoliahome www.theharperhouse.com

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  1. I loved reading your thoughts on the line. You know I recently visited Nebraska Furniture Mart which did have quite a few of their pieces.
    I have to say I was slightly disappointed. There are some beautiful pieces, don’t get me wrong. I found some of them to just be like everything else you would find in a big box store.

    That’s okay, I still love you Joanna! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes, I think as a “frugal” shopper, I have to REALLY REALLY love something before I shell out the big bucks for things. But there’s several things in her new line (I think that comes out this fall?) that have loads of potential. I am a sucker for anything with scallops and this table looks SO cute! http://magnoliahomefurniture.com/item.aspx?itemnum=597

    2. Hey there,
      I just stumbled across your blog. I wanted to share some insight on the furniture line if anyone is still looking. There has been an explosion of furniture stores by me that are now selling the Magnolia line. Pier One, Furniture Row, ART Van and Value City. I have seen almost every piece. I was seriously considering the Industrial postmaster desk. Its pretty awesome, however after seeing it in person my husband and I were disappointed in the quality. Don’t get me wrong. I love their style. FINALLY, I am finding furniture I like other than ordering online. That being said, anything with drawers (except the keeping farmhouse dining table) do not open well. The drawers are generally stuck, almost as if the piece swelled. Since the postmaster desk was going to be slightly over a 1,000 bucks. I just couldn’t see spending that kind of money on something that needed tweaking. Also the desk top was not real wood. πŸ™ I have looked at the buffets, dressers and everything else with drawers. They don’t open and if you do manage to get one open, good luck closing it. I did purchase a couple of items directly from their website. The faux flowers are pretty amazing and realistic. I also purchased the crown bedside table but the quality was questionable. It’s also not their line really as the same table is all over amazon and not under their name but its a really cool unique piece and I love it. Lastly, I did splurge with my Pier 1 rewards and purchased the Court house clock. Its huge and just what I needed for a large wall. Unfortunately again, the quality isn’t there. The face is painted on wood which I knew but it is not even with the anchors on the back of the clock. It’s pretty heavy at 37 lbs so we did all the prep work for anchors in the wall (my husband measured everything perfectly) and when we hung it up, the 3 and 9 on the clock face were crooked. It took a little work getting it home and neither my husband or I was in the mood to box it up and haul it back, so we made the adjustments and we actually hung the clock a bit crooked so to the eye it actually looked straight. Not exactly what I would expect from a $200 clock (before my rewards). I think because the furniture is massed produced and made in China, the quality just isn’t there. I did speak with a couple of sales associates. They said the furniture is selling the accessories are stagnant. I can see why. I picked up an olive basket and was shocked it was a 100 bucks. Hobby Lobby has pretty much the same thing for 20 or less. Just my two cents! I hope it helps.

      1. wow, thanks so much for sharing all that good info with us Lori. It is disappointing for sure, as I’m the same as you. I was SO excited to finally find some nicely designed furniture that didn’t look like overstuffed marshmallows and mass produced ugliness. But if the quality is not in the piece, it’s not really worth it – no matter how much I might like the design! I really really really hope they figure out these manufacturing problems soon!

  2. Wow… I didn’t even think about checking to see what stores around me carried Magnolia Homes furniture! I was just waiting to go back to Waco. I’ll take a look. Now I want to review it myself!

    1. I know – I was totally shocked when I found it in my little local store! I hope you can find a store close to you too. Thanks for stopping by Ann πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you for the review! I’ve been wanting to see what others thought before I drive hours away to get to the only store in Georgia that’s carrying it (according to the website). I look forward to more reviews. I’d love to see what you think about some of the bedroom furniture!!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Branna πŸ™‚ I’m so glad the reviews were helpful for you. It is super hard picking things out without seeing them firsthand, huh? I live in a fairly rural area with not a lot of big stores near me (my closest Pottery Barn is 2+ hours away) so it’s always nice to read online reviews from others who can see things up close and personal. I will be sure to post more reviews soon – I’m visiting the other store on Monday with my Mom and that store has several bedroom pieces in stock. I’ll try to take some good notes for everyone!

    2. If you are looking for anything that has a drawer……. keep looking !!! I loved the show, and we bought her couch n loveseat, then pillows and tons of accessories $$$$ all great, then our guest bedroom…. none of her dressers would open. the manager of Living Spaces just acted like no big deal . Sad that the show put them in a spotlight { good for them }, and now they sign off on such poor quality that the average person is saving a long time to pay for.

  4. If you had the opportunity to check out the Southern Sown Leather Sofa and Chair, I would love to get your feedback. Does it look cheap since made in China? Is it as comfortable as it looks in the photos?

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Polly – I’m so sorry, but the store I visited today did not have any of the leather pieces on the floor. They did have lots of other pieces though and I’ll be writing up another post this week and hopefully posting a short video (once I can figure out how to upload it to my blog, lol!) So stay tuned πŸ™‚

  5. I enjoyed your insights of their furniture line and I appreciate your honest review. Some of those pieces are pricey but if they are good quality then they might be worth the splurge.

    But I’m thrifty so I’d likely try to find something I could uplift for Fixer Upper Style πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Toni – yes, they are an investment! But the quality is definitely better than what I’ve seen at my local Ashley Furniture, etc… and it’s definitely more my style! I walked through the entire Ashley store last week and didn’t see one thing that I liked, and I seriously fell in love with almost every piece in Joanna’s line!

  6. Wondering if you made it to the other store with the full showroom of Magnolia pieces, yet?? I’m looking into the Sisters Bed and Cameo 8 Drawer Dresser for my daughter. Went to a store which carried only a few select Magnolia pieces, over the weekend, but didn’t have either piece I’m considering. They did have one of Jo’s dressers on the floor (French Inspired Silhouette 4 drawer chest) and, to be honest, I was a little disappointed in the quality. I feel like, for the same price, PBK has a more solid feeling dresser. Am I crazy? I love Jo’s style and she seems to be heavily influenced by RH Baby & Child (which I also love, just don’t love the price). However, if I’m getting better quality at the RH price point, well then…IDK.

    1. Yes, I did make it to the other store and I seriously fell in love with almost everything! I thought her prices were very reasonable. I did see the Sister’s bed and it is adorable! I don’t think they had the Cameo dresser though, but I will double check. I’m still editing pics so I haven’t written up a post yet – but hope to do so soon! My kiddos go back to school this week, so once that happens I’ll have a little more free time, lol πŸ™‚ I’ll send you an email too. Thanks for stopping by my blog! xo, Christy

  7. Hi! I have just recently stumbled upon your blog. Such great information here! Especially the post on Magnolia Furniture. I have not seen the pieces in person yet and hope to soon. We are looking for new sofa’s at the moment and it seems almost impossible to find durability, comfort, and price all in one. Would you have any suggestions to start with? Will definitely be a return reader!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Beth! Shopping for sofas is hard, especially if you’re a super frugal person like myself. I looove the look of Pottery Barn, RH and Crate & Barrel but I need to know I’m getting a good deal! Since we moved into our new house, I am hoping to buy a sectional this winter. But I am dreading shopping for it…ugh. Anyway, what I like to do is scour the outlet stores in my area. I have a Crate & Barrel 2 hours away and they sometimes have great deals up to 50% off their retail price. Do you have any outlets near you? I purchased one of our current sofas from Broyhill about 8 years ago and it has held up well (it’s got slipcovers, thank goodness!). And the other one we have, I purchased online via lamps plus. It’s hard buying things online without sitting on them or seeing it in person, but it’s a decent sofa for the price I paid (about $600!). And actually Lamps Plus has a few others that look nice too. Here’s a link to a similar version as the one we have: http://www.lampsplus.com/products/atkins-linen-slipcover-sofa__8g649.html Good luck with your search πŸ™‚

  8. Christy,

    Loved seeing your post on the magnolia home furniture line. It is great to see what customer’s opinions are. I am actually the buyer/merchandiser for this store and all the stores in this company! We have expanded the display at this location since you have been in!…now offering accessories and her rug line too! πŸ™‚ The display will continuously be growing as we get more and more magnolia in. Also to fill you in, if you are up for a bit of a drive, head to Lincoln, IL. We are working on a WHOLE STORE contributed to Magnolia Home. There we will be able to represent all the different styles she has in the line including bedroom, dining, upholstery, accent elements, accessories, rugs and much much more! Thanks for stopping in! please come back and continue to spread the word!

    1. Thanks so much Katie! What an awesome job you have, lol πŸ™‚ That is great news that you’re offering more pieces here locally. I will definitely have to stop by next time I’m in town. We are still in need of many pieces for our new house, the problem is deciding which ones are my favorites! The Lincoln store sounds fabulous too. Thanks for visiting my blog -xo, Christy

    2. I just purchased the Java bookshelf from the Metro Collection in Pier I Imports. The screw holes on the metal stand do not match the holes in the wood shelves. No way to put it together. Very disappointed because I love the look. I am very concerned because I also ordered the desk and now wondering if I will have to returned also.

      1. ugh, I’m so sorry to hear this! I have yet to really hear from anyone who has been happy with the quality of their furniture line. It’s really disappointing since I love the style so much!

  9. I just received the Magnolia hutch in off white. It was $2500.00 through a local small store(the box stores have it for $1500). I am so disappointed. The two pieces were not painted at the same time-they do not match. There is one piece on it that is still white as opposed to off white. The barn doors sound horrible when you slide them back and forth on the bumpy railing due to paint overspray that should have been filed down. When you put the barn doors together, they touch at the top and not at the bottom. There are not any leveling screws on the bottom of the piece,so if your floor is not perfectly level, you have to shim the bottom to make the barn doors lay nicely. I am in tears over this.

    1. oh Tonda, I’m so sad for you! That is so disappointing to hear πŸ™ Is there any way you can get a refund or return the piece if you’re not satisfied? That is a lot of money to spend to not have a good quality piece of furniture. let me know what you decide to do – I really hope you can find a new piece that you love and is worth your hard earned money! xo, Christy

      1. The two colors might be a formula change in the white they made due to yellowing knots. I would attempt to get it fixed. But magnolia will have you work with the furniture place. Found that out the hard way.

  10. I couldn’t wait for my black Spindle Back Side Chairs to arrive. I absolutely love the way they look in our dining room. Now for the bad news… Two of them came apart at the bottom within 20 minutes of using them for the first time. My husband was able to screw them back together which has held up on the one, but not the other. It came apart again 2 days later. The wood spindle at the bottom which connects the legs appears cheaply made and does not hold up to even minimal use. I am very disappointed. I contacted the store where I purchased them and they will exchange one of the chairs, but it is backordered until January. So far I am not at all impressed with the quality, I hope this is just a fluke.

    1. oh no! I hope it’s a fluke too Tara. We are remodeling our whole first floor this spring and I was hoping to add some of Joanna’s new line. I’ll cross my fingers for you!

      1. Not a fluke! Happened to all 8 of my white spindle back chairs! I am having knot bleed issues and matching issues with ordering new sets too. Magnolia wants me to only work with my retailer and he doesn’t want to get me matching ones at his cost. I also frustrated!

  11. Purchased the French Sister’s beds in the Twin size…one arrived broken but we assembled the other today. We were disappointed in the quality. The head & foot boards are upholstered only on one side so the side of the footboard you are facing while in the bed, is not upholstered at all. It is covered with a thin polyester- paper type…kind of like the fabric used on the under side of a sofa. It also has plain metal screws every six inches or so holding the fabric in place. Very poorly done. We are returning both beds tomorrow. Huge fan of the style but not quality. We also bought the lingerie chest & armoire…not the very best quality wise but at least acceptable.

    1. That is so disappointing to hear Carla πŸ™ I love the style of those beds too and it’s so sad to hear they’re not great quality!

  12. I bought a wood colored turned leg table and 8 of the white spindle back chairs. I didn’t buy the white table with the drawers because I didn’t like the legs or the painted finish on the top.

    Sadly I have had nothing but problems with my chairs. The table is the right size and width for my space so I am going to keep it. But even though it looks like planked wood it is actually a big “sticker” on top type of thing. which in some ways is better than the wood, but makes it un sand-able. It wipes well, but it is not true wood on top. A veneer top.

    The chairs fell apart at the center supports of the legs. some on the first time they sat on them. So the problem was that the pilot holes were not drilled at the right angle (manufacture) and the assemblers could have been more careful – and now at my store at least they know better.

    So, they sent out 4 new chairs to replace the ones they couldn’t fix (from splitting of the wood etc) and they of course don’t match the other 4 chairs, they are creamier. :(….. Lastly, the knot holes on one chair is yellowing. they are aware of this problem. and have “fixed it” with future chairs. yes for the price I paid for these chairs to have nice chairs for Christmas and considering that 4 months later i am still dealing with this. . . I want to cry. Not a happy customer.

    1. Oh my gosh Kristina, that is horrible! I want to cry for you πŸ™ It sounds like they should stop manufacturing the chairs or do a recall or something as you’re not the first person I’ve heard from having issues with the chairs. I really hope they make it up to you some how. Personally, I put SO much time and thought into my furniture purchases (I’m a total over thinker) so by the time I’m actually ready to buy something I have put hours and hours into researching and making sure it’s the best option for our family. I’m sure you thought you were getting great quality furniture and that just stinks that it didn’t work out πŸ™

      1. I researched. But there is nothing out there on the magnolia line. I thought I would give it a try. I am still trying to work with the furniture place and they aren’t happy with me nor am I with them or magnolia. I agree should pull the chairs so many hours and hours of head aches

        1. so sorry you’re going through this! Have you tried tweeting Joanna or Chip? I am a horrible tweeter myself (don’t really understand Twitter…ugh) but I have seen people complain about things there (slow shipping or unhappy with merchandise, etc…) and then Chip & Jo have fixed the issue (either with replacements or free stuff!) Wouldn’t hurt to give it a try – nobody likes bad publicity but maybe you’ll get your money back or something at least?

  13. Thank you so much Kristina, and others, for writing about your experiences. I just found this blog after months of not being able to find reviews on the Magnolia line anywhere else. The vase turned dining table that I’ve really been wanting is not in stores here and I was about ready to risk ordering it without first seeing. I won’t be ordering now. It’s disappointing to learn that the table top is a veneer, not actual planked wood, that the chairs are so flimsy.

    1. so glad you found my blog Peggy! I’m really hoping some of the manufacturing problems are just due to it being a new line and they’re still trying to work out all the kinks. I really love her furniture designs as they’re much more unique than the standard things you can get at Ashley Furniture and other places. So hopefully the quality will improve over time!

  14. I looked at many pieces of the furniture in the flooring shop that we were at while looking for hardwood flooring. It’s all very cute, but looking at it closely, the quality was really poor. Fit and finish are sadly lacking on all the pieces I saw. Up close they just look cheaply made. Also, the prices were astronomical in my opinion. I’m a bargain hunter but I’ll pay quite a bit if I’m getting a quality made piece that I love. Unfortunately I won’t be buying anything in this line. Very sad to say I wasn’t impressed at all.

    1. I do agree the prices are a little high, but I’m hoping the quality will improve over time. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

  15. My wife and I love Chip and Joanna and feel their show is our favorite on HGTV. When we saw Magnolia Homes furniture at our local store, we were very excited. Unfortunately, our excitement turned into disappointment when we realized that the furniture was built in Vietnam!
    How does the same down home Texas farming couple who always uses reclaimed or locally fabricated items for their home renovations end up having their classic country design furnishings made in Vietnam?!
    Very disappointing.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Kevin. I am hoping Chip & Jo are able to get their quality control problems worked out and start making better quality products. Unfortunately, like many businesses, cost & expenses play a huge role. I’m sure they could get American made products, but the price to consumers would probably double. While some might be willing to pay a premium for American made, many others would not be able to afford to do so. It’s a catch 22, we all want great quality American made furniture – we just don’t want to pay for it. πŸ™‚

  16. I purchased my first Magnolia pieces from a large and reputable local furniture store. First let me say I love Joanna and Chip, love their show and their designs however their furniture, well had I known of its poor quality and workmanship I would never have ordered the 6 pieces I did. The chest on chest had to be ordered 3 times as each time it was delivered the top piece was a different color white than the bottom. The doors are are also warped! I realize that the furniture is supposed to look like re purposed furnishings however the way the furniture was put together and painted lacks professionalism. I believe I could have done a better job building the furniture. I also had to wait 17 weeks for all of my furniture to arrive, too long for something of such poor quality. I do love the textiles I purchased and the floor rug and would purchase these items again. Some of the furniture is very reasonably priced however I believe I paid top dollar for the chest on chest and the dresser.

    1. What a bummer Sherry! So sorry you had such a poor experience with the furniture. I too love them and her furniture designs fit my style so well, but it’s so disappointing that the quality is not there! hopefully, they can remedy things for you some how.

      1. Yes, it is very unfortunate that a family with such a stellar reputation would outsource their designs to be made abroad. I am not surprised by the lack of quality control out of the country however I am very disappointed that once the furniture is received in the states the folks at Magnolia Home do not have the quality control in place before shipping the furnishings to the furniture stores representing their furniture line. I don’t expect anything from my local furniture store or Magnolia. My experience so far has been that Big business today always has another customer around the corner so they are not concerned with repeat business.

  17. I found this blog entry and the comment thread after trying to find folks with similar problems with Magnolia Home products. I bought four counter-height stools from Magnolia Home that looked great for less than a week, and then became wobbly and unstable. They are terrible quality, and were made in China (not only that, but when we first ordered them, the retailer received all the wrong color in mislabeled boxes – a direct error on the part of the manufacturer – took several weeks to get the right ones!). We were okay with them being not top-of-the-line because they were affordable, but they are unusable – the wood seats are already splitting and we have had to replace most of the screws in the base because they are so wobbly, you can fall right off of them. I have tried to contact Magnolia Home and they redirected me to my retailer – but this is a manufacturing and design issue. I encourage everyone who has purchased furniture from Magnolia Home to get in touch with the company so that they know the quality issues across their product lines. I love Chip and Joanna Gaines and was so happy to find some affordable stools (they can really add up) so this was a heartbreak. Hope they take the time to fix these issues!

    1. I am so sorry to hear this Margaret! Thanks for sharing your experience with us and yes, I hope they find a way to fix these issues as well. Her designs are so beautiful, but if the quality is not there it doesn’t matter how pretty they are!

  18. Hi Christy,

    Do you have any information or insight into the bedroom set furniture. I am looking at the Cameo and the French Silhouette. They look so pretty but I am just not sure if they will be difficult drawers to pull in and out and wondered about the quality. Let me know if you have any insight! Thank you!

    1. Hi Kelly, I’m sorry I don’t have any info on that bedding set. If possible, check your local furniture stores or Value City Furniture to see if they have some samples on the floor to look at. Sorry I’m not much help!

  19. Hello, Thanks to all for posting honest reviews.
    We just purchased the Magnolia Home King Profile Upholstered King Bed and due to production problems delivery is delayed. Original delivery wasn’t going to be 6 to 9 weeks around July 1, 2017. So now I am wondering if it’s worth it or should I cancel my order and buy something else.
    The King Bed is 749.00, now I am worried that the workmanship might be poor. I did not look to see where it was made, till I read this blog. I am disappointed to find out it is made in Vietnam, and not made in the USA. Now with the pending law suit against Chip (very sad about this ) wondering if this relates to the “production” problem. Would they be stopping production for financial reasons or due to the poor quality coming out of Vietnam.

    Thank You!

    1. ugh, so sorry to hear your furniture has been delayed! that is the worst. It takes me so long to pick out anything, then to find that you have additional delays is just so disappointing. I doubt the delay has anything to do with the lawsuit (which is just “former” friends trying to cash in on Chip & Jo’s success, in my opinion.) It probably has more to do with the factories not being able to keep up with demand. Even with the quality issues, I’m sure her line is selling well just because the designs are so unique and everyone loves them! I am hoping they can somehow remedy all the problems – maybe find a new manufacturer? I would love to see items made in the US but that would double the prices, sadly.

      1. Thank you! We still have not heard anything. I still have to contact the furniture store where we purchased the Bed, and Headboard. I just feel 6 to 9 weeks was long enough to wait, I really wanted before the grand kids come to visit.

      2. I would also love to see the pieces made in the U.S. I purchased the Belgium Breakfast table and eagerly awaited the day it was received. I received the call, drove 1.5 hours to pick it up. When I got home it was missing the base. I contacted the store I bought it from and was told that they would order the new base on Wednesday and that I would have it the following Monday. I received that Friday. Inspected the base before it was brought in and set up by the furniture store delivery people. Today as I was dusting I noticed two cracks in the base. I’ll be contacting the store tomorrow to see what can be done. Since it was intact when they delivered I don’t expect them to be willing to help much.
        Has anyone found a more direct way to interact with Magnolia Homes with quality issues?

        1. ugh, I’m so sorry to hear this Anna! It’s just SO frustrating! I love, love, love all the furniture designs but the quality is just really lacking. Could you try contacting them via Magnolia’s contact page? They have an online chat there, email, and phone number I believe. I know technically the furniture isn’t part of their online store, but I think they would still like to know about your situation. Good luck getting it resolved!

  20. Hi – was considering purchasing the dining room chairs from the Farmhouse line, but probably won’t now…….I am curious if the Gaines have responded and taken steps to rectify the problem with the chairs falling apart? So many have expressed similar problems with quality that is doesn’t appear to be isolated, but I can’t find anything about what is being done by Magnolia Furniture to do anything. Need to hear the issue is recognized and the product improved. Just replacing (while good) doesn’t solve the issue. The design is great, but if the quality isn’t there why would anyone buy? I feel bad for those people who are stuck with a bad product!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Jeanne! Yes, I am super sad as well – I LOVE her designs and am needing new furniture as we are in the middle of a major remodel but I’m a little hesitant to buy too if the quality is lacking. I haven’t heard of any manufacturing changes, but maybe it’s like all new products endeavors and it takes time to get the kinks out? I don’t know… I hope everyone who has gotten poor items gets some kind of reimbursement though!

    1. I was wondering the same..the delivery men, ( they were great) left fingerprints on the edges of the table, and a small pen mark, ( I have the white 7 ft farm table). I can’t get them off. I used just Palmolive dish detergent, no abrasives. I called Magnolia a few minutes ago, and she said to use Dawn dish detergent, or Target has a product called Mrs. Meyer’s All Purpose Cleaner, which I hope I can find today.. she said that should work.(.she uses it on her exact table ). Wish me luck!!

      1. Thanks for sharing this Melodie! I hope what the Magnolia rep recommended works for you. If not, you might also want to try a Magic Eraser (maybe test a spot underneath the table first?) to try and get that pen mark off. The magic erasers always work well for getting marks off my walls and trim. Good luck!

  21. I’m not sure how you can give a review, when you haven’t bought anything from the line.
    It’s obvious when someone is getting paid for an advertisement.

    1. Sorry you feel that way Tiffany, but I haven’t been paid anything at all to write this post. I was just trying to express my opinions on seeing the furniture in person at my local store, since so many others don’t have access to see the pieces themselves. And I’m thankful for everyone else sharing their opinions and experiences from buying the furniture. It helps people make informed buying decisions when they can hear about quality control and manufacturing issues – especially when it’s a new line with relatively little information available to shoppers. I was planning on buying some pieces (dining table, desk, coffee table, etc…) once we are finished with our remodel, but now I’m questioning the purchase like so many others. I do still LOVE their designs, but I’m hoping they can resolve the quality issues soon!

  22. Great blog !!! Such great information here! Especially the post on Magnolia Furniture. sofa design looking good. Thanks for sharing…..

  23. Hi! I found your blog while trying to search for people who have had the same issue as me because I’m looking for a DIY fix! I purchased a couch and chair with ottoman this past summer from the Heritage line and was so excited because I love the design. Unfortunately, the feathers have continued to come out of the couch continuously since we bought it and the bottom cushions are misshaped and have been that way since about a month after we purchased. Some of them I can’t get the zipper unstuck to get in to try to reshape them. I’m very disappointed, as their has to be a way to secure the feathers without them poking through the furniture all the time and getting all over our clothes and our living room. And at $1000 for the couch and $1000 for the chair with ottoman, I shouldn’t have to figure out a fix for this after purchase. I now feel like there are way better options for that price. I am sad, to say the least, as I do love Chip and Joanna.

  24. I fell in love with one of the Magnolia home beds, Love the high Mantel bed headboard, and it blended well with our old furniture, which was important to me. However, when we started putting the bed together, it did not come with assembly instructions, It was missing part of the hardware, two of the support legs for under the mattress frame were stripped so the screws just fell out. My husband poured glue in there and we will use it that way. The real kicker though, was the plaque on the bedpost that says Magnolia home said Magnolia kids. ( We had bought a King) The word kids were not centered, and to the left of it ,it looked like the metal had been etched with some sort of liquid. I love her style, but I think IKEA has better products as far as quality, at this point.

    1. oh no, that is so sad to hear about your new bed! I really hope they are able to get these quality control issues fixed soon, as I love their style too! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  25. i purchased the sofa reviewed in your blog as a graduation gift for my daughter. Those cushions that you felt was a little too overstuffed – they are with individually wrapped coils – like a mattress. Fast forward 14 months later, the coils are no longer individually wrapped and the wire is a huge tangle. Magnolia Furniture only offers a 12 month warranty. So, so sad I fell for the hype of the name on the label and purchased this crap that they call furniture.

    1. oh no! I’m so sorry your sofa didn’t hold up well πŸ™ that is so disappointing, and I’m really surprised they only have a 12 month warranty. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

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