Friday Finds: Blush + Blue

Testing, testing… is this thing on? 

You guys probably thought I’d fallen off the face of the earth, it’s been so long since my last post! 🙈Well, I felt a little burnt out with blogging and having to do all. the. things.  so I took a much needed break from everything and spent some quality time with my family over the holidays. It was wonderful! 

It’s funny how stepping away from something for a little while can really re-energize you and get your creative juices pumping again! I proclaimed January as Self Care month for myself (something I reaaaalllly let slide since becoming an online entrepreneur.) I’m sure you guys can understand the feeling…sitting back in your office or on your laptop, working away trying to get everything done, and then the next thing you know you look up and it’s 3:00 and you haven’t even eaten lunch yet – let alone stretched your legs, neck, or back muscles!

So I’m really trying to take better care of myself this year. I bought this book and jumped on the Keto train about 3 weeks ago. The book is great and the recipes are fairly easy (and super yummy!) I had always been the “skinny girl” thanks to genetics and a high metabolism, and ate pretty much whatever I wanted. But since turning 40 my bad eating habits (and lack of exercise) were starting to catch up to me and I was just exhausted all the time.  

So I’m doing Keto mostly to gain some energy and lose this darn muffin top. I’m happy to report, I’ve lost 7 pounds so far (just by sticking to the Keto – still not exercising but hope to start that when it gets warmer outside.) I haven’t measured myself, but I can also tell that my pants fit much better and my energy level is up a bit! Not sure how long I will stick with it, but it’s kinda nice to eat clean and feel good!! I’ve only had 2 Mt. Dews in 3 weeks and the last one I drank tasted SO SWEET. So Keto definitely helps with your cravings and changes your tastes as well. 

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments! I highly recommend Suzanne’s book or you can check out her blog as well. Another thing that really helps me is the app Carb Manager (there’s a paid and free version – I joined the paid version for 3 months for $16 so I can get more recipes.) It helps you log your food and keeps track of all your macros (fat, protein, carbs.) Very helpful!

Enough health talk, let’s get to the house stuff! I’m going to start sharing more of my house/home decor finds here on the blog every Friday. It’s my goal to post more consistently this year and I really want to stick to it! I’m also really trying to finish decorating a few rooms in our house and I figure while I’m sourcing things for myself, I’ll share things with you guys too. It’s a win-win!  Also, if you’re on Instagram I’m jumping back in there after a looooong break. So follow me there and also follow me on the Liketoknowit app to shop all this stuff from your mobile!

Blush Pink & Blue Home Decor

Rug //  Pink Trench Coat // Art

Aqua Pillow // BW Pillow // Pink Pillow

Blue Chair// Basket // Coffee Table


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