Farmhouse Fonts: Where to Find Your Favorites

We’ve all drooled over those cute farmhouse signs found on Etsy and other places. And have you ever wondered what font Joanna uses for her branding at the Silos? Well, I’m a 100% certified font addict (no joke, I have over 2k fonts on my computer!) And I’m here today to share some of my favorite farmhouse fonts, so you can make your own cute farmhouse signs and printables.

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Farmhouse Fonts for 2019

Farmhouse Fonts - best list of trendy farmhouse style fonts for 2019.

Just click the links to be taken directly to the source to download or purchase these farmhouse fonts.

Shiplap – Heubeul Vintage

Porch Swings – Chin Up Buttercup

Old Wood – Hanley Block Display

Chippy Paint – Hanley Script

Chicken Scratch – Violetta 

Blue Skies – Motherline

Barn Doors – Andara Script

Farmhouse fonts - cute fonts for farmhouse style tshirts

I used Heubeul Vintage  and some cute text dividers and swirly things (I can’t remember the right word for them!) to create my popular What Would Joanna Do tshirt. **Hint – this would make a great Mother’s Day gift and you can get them in my etsy shop.

where to find cute farmhouse fonts

When we visited the Silos for spring break a few years ago, I was blown away by all the little details. Joanna’s visual merchandising skills are amazing. Around each little corner you find something new. I thought this kitchen area was so cute. 

The Homemade font is called Heritage and it’s next on my list to purchase! Comes with lots of cute swashes (like the long tail on the capital H.) Perfect for signs or tshirts!

where to find cute farmhouse fonts

This sign was located near all the tshirts, hats and other more “manly” merchandise 🙂 I love how Chip has his own sort of rugged style. 

The font used here is a mix of Hanley Block (Chip’s Corner) and Hanley Script (Quality Goods)

farmhouse styel fonts for farmhouse signs, tshirts and other projects

The Welcome script in the above sign at the Bakery is also Hanley Script. The sans serif is close to Voster (which comes with Heritage used in the Homemade sign previously.)

Discussing Magnolia fonts used in Joanna Gaines branding

The main font used in the Magnolia and Silos branding is Aquifer. And good news – it’s a public domain font and totally FREE!

I hope this has helped you on your quest to find the best farmhouse fonts for 2019. I know I get so frustrated when I can’t identify a certain font and I’m happy to help out my fellow font addicts! 

If you’re having trouble tracking down a certain font, just let me know in the comments and I’ll try to help.

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi, great post! I just wanted to bring something to your attention – I don’t think the “Homemade” font is Heritage. It is very close, but there are some differences – in particular, the way the “o” connects to the next letter.

    1. hmm, I never noticed the “o” before! Thanks for pointing that out Jon. Now I’ll have to be on the hunt for the “exact” match!! I’ll update the post when I find it – thanks again 🙂

      1. Do you know what the other font is in the kitchen area picture? “From our kitchen to yours”
        Thank you for this post!

        1. I’ve been looking for that one, too! It’s also on their Magnolia Table postcard. It looks like a mix of Raleway and Brandon Grotesque, but a bit more narrow. Let us know what you think Christy!

        2. And as soon as I posted, I found it! It’s called Waverly – https://creativemarket.com/connary/426974-Waverly-CF-art-deco-sans-serif-font

  2. Thank you for this article! Do you know what fonts are used in their SILObration signs? I refer back to this article many times creating Joanna approved things!

  3. Greetings from Canada!
    I loved your post and all the different farmhouse font suggestions. I went to the Silos last spring and fell in love with the place. I have to say, no one does breakfast like Magnolia Table, it was an incredible experience.
    Do you know what are the fonts used on the Magnolia Table sign?

    1. Hi Johanna, thanks so much for reading my blog! Unfortunately, I’m still on the hunt for the exact match to that font. I’m assuming you’re talking about the art deco style script they use in the Magnolia Table circle? Here’s a few that are close but not exact – Benson Script and Royalite

    1. So sorry, but I’m not sure what that font is. I’ll try to do some research and update my comment if I can find it! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I was wondering do you know the font that they use on their Canisters on the Magnolia website. They Vance “SUGAR” and “FLOUR” printed in the canister.


  5. Hi Magnolia team!
    Can you tell me the script font you used for “Press” in the Magnolia Press Coffee lockup? It’s beautiful.
    So thankful.

    1. unfortunately, I don’t know that specific font. It could be custom lettered for Magnolia. Here’s a similar font with a Parisian flair that might work for you.

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