The flip house: interior

our current flip house

Welcome back! Today, I’d like to give you the grand tour of the inside of our affectionately named – Mouse House.

front door

Here is the lovely front door. We purchased this house from someone who was initially planning on flipping it himself, but had too many other projects going on. He had purchased a few doors for the house already (like the patio door in this pic). However, my design plans call for different doors for the house – but thankfully we were able to return the doors he purchased to Menards for a merchandise credit of just over $1000! So that was a nice surprise!

To the left of the front door is the front living room:

living room

The house currently has 2 smallish living rooms, so we plan on knocking down the wall and creating a nice cased opening Joanna Gaines style, and opening the space to the kitchen on the other side of that wall.

The previous guy was going to put those french doors down there in that space and make it an office, but I’ve decided to make it a mudroom & laundry since the current laundry is in the garage. I always try to design these houses as if I personally would be living in them. And personally, I would not want to do my laundry in the garage! So that door opening will be walled in, and I envision that wall being a great spot for the new homeowner’s tv.

The windows in this room were put in by the previous owner and I’m not really in love with them. Personally, I would have liked the windows to have some type of grilles. But it doesn’t make financial sense to replace them, so they’re staying.

Here’s the view looking toward the front door/entry.

living room

Here is the new mudroom / laundry space:

mudroom and laundry

We plan on changing the door location to the garage. Currently it’s in the kitchen. We’ll move it over a few feet so you enter the house into the mudroom. This also gives me more space for cabinets in the kitchen! Hubby has already reframed that wall and put a small coat closet there to the left of the new door. The fridge will sit in the recessed space next to the closet.

mudroom and laundry

Here’s another look standing in the kitchen facing the mudroom/laundry. I really wish those windows didn’t come so far down to the floor – I could have put some cabinetry under them! oh well. Hubby has actually moved that wall on the right of the mudroom back 2 feet to gain more room, and we will put the washer & dryer on that wall with some cabinetry and pantry space. Hopefully, I can convince hubby to build some mudroom cubbies on the other wall (where the doors are leaning.) Cubbies are so popular and I think they’d be a great selling feature! Barn doors are another fun selling feature and I want to put one right there separating the mudroom from the kitchen.

Here is the kitchen:


Isn’t she beautiful? It actually has loads of potential! Craig has already knocked down the soffits (who invented those ugly things anyway?). With the door moving to the mudroom, I plan on centering the oven on that far wall, the fridge will be recessed in the space on the right, and the sink will be centered under the windows on the left side. Like that door on the floor? I was trying to figure out if there was enough space for an island, and there is!  The kitchen measurements are approximately 13’6″ x 13′. So the island can be around 6-7′ long and 3′ wide.

dining room

This is the view standing in the kitchen, looking back toward the fireplace. To the left of that hallway is the front door, and on the other side of the wall is the front living room. This space currently is only 13’6″ wide and about 12′ long. So instead of having a tiny unusable space, we’ve decided to open it up to the living room and create more of an open concept floor plan.

We will also redo the doors/windows on that right hand wall. I plan on closing up the current door and moving it to where the window is allowing for more cabinetry in the kitchen. I envision the homeowners using this space for their dining table, then still having room for some small chairs in front of the fireplace.

Well, that concludes this tour; thanks for reading! I am busy trying to put some design details for these rooms together so I will post those soon. I’ll also give you a tour of the bedrooms & bathrooms soon too. We are excited for all the potential this house has, and I can’t wait to put my own design touches to everything!

What do you think about our decisions so far? Would you have kept that room an office or would you rather have a laundry / mudroom? Let me know what you think!


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    1. Picking out bathroom fixtures now and just spent an hour in Menards yesterday going over kitchen design. Hope to post an update in a few days. Thanks for your support Michelle 🙂

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  9. Love your colors… tryingbto choose similar ones now. Getting hubby to paint is another issue. Lol. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Good luck Kathy! Thankfully, my hubby is much more motivated than me (I’m the procrastinator in the house, lol ) Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Hi Christy, my name is Teresa, I live in Texas. I don’t know where you live but I sure love what you and your husband are doing. My husband is a retired vietnan veteran we are both in our 70s so we can’t do what we once could when we were younger. So I too would like to see a picture of your Flip House once it’s finished. It’s something AWESOME. I love that kind of work myself. Good luck on your flip house and may God bless your beautiful family all ways and forever.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Teresa! We live in rural Illinois (although I’d love to live in TX if I could just convince my hubby to withstand the heat!) You can see some of the finished flip house rooms here: and THANK YOU to you and your husband for your sacrifice and service to our country. God bless you both!

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