More fun signs for Fixer Upper Style!

Sorry for the absence lately guys. My kiddos have been home all week for Spring Break (reminding me why I didn’t start my blog sooner – I just cannot think when I have 3 kiddos afoot. I tend to have ADD as it is, and add in 3 lively, active, VOCAL kiddos and no quiet office space in which to retreat, and that equals one highly frazzled Mom.) Major kudos to all you mamas who manage to work from home with your little ones – you are amazing!

But I did manage to find some more fun farmhousey finds for ya (say that three times fast!) And at NORDSTROM too, no less! Who knew that Nordstrom has jumped on the farmhouse bandwagon? Just goes to show, that we must have really good taste if they’re in the mix now too, huh?

F I X E R U P P E R Style at Nordstrom? Say what? Who knew you could find farmhouse goodness at Nordstrom? I've rounded up 10 signs to give you Fixer Upper Style!

1. Locally Grown | 2. Farm to Fork | 3. Save Money | 4. Farm Sweet Farm 5. Cows

6. Bushel & Peck | 7. Support | 8. Grow Your Food | 9. Sweet Corn | 10. Sweet Corn Best

**affiliate links are used in this post. By purchasing items via these links, you don’t pay any extra – but I make a small commission. Proving to my hubby that, hey – maybe I can actually make a little bit of $$ blogging! Thanks for your support!



and…… we’re working on a little project at Mouse House today which just might involve a little bit of this:

glorious shiplap: it's real and it's spectacular!

squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I have been waiting for this day! I’m putting on my Joanna boots and callin’ my Babe to fire up the ol’ nail gun. Hope to have a tutorial up later in the week if all goes well (cross your fingers and say a little prayer!)


have an awesome week!



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  1. Happy Monday! Hope you are enjoying a peaceful house this morning! I love the bushel and a peck sign – we used to sing that song here all the time. Can’t wait to see what you are doing at the Mouse house. Happy Easter Monday!

  2. Love the signs! Have to try to make some for myself as I am totally addicted to making signs lately! Thanks for sharing.

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