Fixer Upper Windmill Decor

So sorry for the lack of posts lately, guys. We put our current house on the market fsbo a week ago Thursday and closed on our new house on Friday. We were waiting to sell our old place before we move all the furniture over to the new place (because I think our house just shows better decorated & staged.) Well, we received TWO offers over the weekend and are now SALE PENDING! woo hoo!

I’ve been surfing pinterest lately to get ideas for the new house, and these pics stopped me in my tracks:

I love how Joanna uses unexpected windmill decor in the Tire Swing house on Fixer Upper


I would love to know where to buy fixer upper windmill decor for my home!


Joanna Gaines does it again! I love how she uses unexpected windmill decor in her decorating! I would love to know where to buy windmill decor!


I’ve seen these before, but it got me thinking. Where the heck does Joanna find  windmills and do you think there’s any more out there in existence for the rest of us?  😉

So I decided to put on my super sleuth Sherlock Holmes hat (to go with my Magnolia Homes tee of course) and track down some awesome fixer upper windmill decor for you y’all.

Where to Buy Fixer Upper Windmill Decor:

Find out where to buy Fixer Upper windmill decor just like Joanna Gaines uses in her designs! www.theharperhouse.com1. rustic windmill || 2. 8 foot windmill || 3. windmill ceiling fan || 4. windmill clock

5. 39″ windmill clock || 6. 8 foot green windmill 7. 47″ windmill 8. half windmill

All of these are wall or home decor, except #3 which is a ceiling fan! How awesome is that idea? #3 is a mass produced ceiling fan by Quorum, however while researching windmills for this post, I also stumbled upon these:

This is an awesome statement making ceiling fan! find out where to buy these on the blog www.theharperhouse.com


This is an awesome statement making ceiling fan! find out where to buy these on the blog | www.theharperhouse.com


wow. once I picked my jaw up off the floor, I found out where to buy these awesome ceiling fans . I can totally see Joanna using these on Fixer Upper (and I’m kinda surprised she hasn’t yet.) I can just picture them in a restored barn home, or mountain chalet. They’re not cheap, but man – they would make a heck of a statement in your home! Check them out here.

So what’s your opinion? Do you like fixer upper windmill decor? Would you decorate your home with one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

**this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you purchase something through these links, I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting my blog!

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This is awesome! I've always wondered where to buy Fixer Upper windmill decor just like Joanna Gaines uses in her designs! www.theharperhouse.com

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  1. I love all of your windmill finds! We are in search of one for your son’s room and your post has helped a whole bunch!

    Good luck with selling your house also! 🙂

      1. Do you by chance know the color of paint that was used in the living room of this Fixer Upper episode- Life is just a tire swing? I have been looking everywhere!

    1. Sam, my darling, WHY OH WHY didn’t you tell me about this amazing blog sooner? 😉 At this point I can’t even remember how I got here, but am so glad I did. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Love love love the windmills!! I simply must stop by more often.. I so do love your blog. XO Susie from The Chelsea Project

  3. Actual farm windmill pieces can be found easily around Champaign -Urbana. I have several. If you want mass produced Big R and Hobby Lobby has them.

  4. Oh Christy, I don’t know where you’ve been all my life, but I’m a new fan, have fallen down The Harper House rabbit hole, and I don’t want to come out! 😉 Except that I have a blog post to write…
    I’ve subscribed and can’t wait to follow along with your shiplap adventures!!
    Have an AWESOME week.

    1. LOL! Kimm, you just made my day! Thank you so much for your sweet words 🙂 I just took a peek at your blog too and it looks like we are kindred spirits! So fun to meet you, and I would love to keep in touch!

  5. Hi! Love your site! I may have missed it, but I am wanting to know where to find them and prices. I grew up in the Texas Panhandle and there were plenty of windmills. Just didn’t know I’d want one all these years later!
    Would appreciate your help finding prices! Thanks!

    1. thanks so much Kay! My family and I are hoping to take a trip to Texas for Spring Break this year. And of course, we’ll have to take a detour through Waco to visit Jo 🙂 To find these items and prices, just click the brown colored links below the pics. Hope this helps and thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. Love your windmills! I’m looking for a 7″ or 7 & 1″2″ diameter windmill for a craft project. Can’t find any that small. Would appreciate your help!!

  7. I am so lucky to live in Lubbock, Texas (south plains of Texas) where we have all things Windmills – including a Windmill Museum. As a Farmer’s Daughter – I have been fascinated with Windmills my entire life. When you’re shopping for Windmills don’t forget the Farm Stores. They usually have a good selection and are also usually reasonably priced. Oh and there are lots of wonderful painting featuring Windmills.

    1. Such good points – thanks so much for sharing Pam! I too am a proud Farmer’s Daughter! When I drive home to visit the farm, I do pass by lots of windmills these days – but unfortunately they’re the modern day version from all the wind farms that have cropped up around central Illinois. Not nearly as pretty as the ones in Texas I’m sure! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  8. We restored an old 1916 farm house here in Tennessee. I had seen a windmill used as a ceiling fan years ago and had that in the back of my mind. So, when we started our project, which was a complete gut, I told my husband that I wanted one. We happen to be at an auction and low and behold there was a real windmill out of a Kansas field! Well needless to say, it came home with us. He had to do some work but we got it out up in our hall, which is 10 feet wide. We had to cut some off ea h blade for it to fit, but we did it! I just love it!

    1. wow, I bet that looks fantastic Lynn! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂 My in-laws grew up on farms in Kansas and they loved seeing all the windmills!

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