DIY Farmhouse Sign Tutorial

It seems that everyone has been jumping on the metal script letter bandwagon.  Then again, everything that Chip and Jo feature in their home design usually turns into a huge hit.  So, when they started showing off the metal “gather” signs in dining rooms there was suddenly an assortment of script letters available at every store. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to style the simple word.  Do you arrange it in a collage of frames?  Or buy a massive word and let it hang solo on the wall? This simple diy farmhouse sign tutorial helps you combine the metal script lettering and rustic wood to create a beautiful but simple statement.

A metal script pallet sign tutorial has both a modern and rustic look.

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To create this diy farmhouse sign you will need a few supplies.  My script lettering came from the dollar spot at Target.  If they are no longer available at your local Target you can check craft supply stores or Etsy for a variety of options.  The wooden board is from a stack of old barn wood.  If you don’t have barn wood available you could also use wood from an old pallet to get the same worn look.


  • metal script lettering – similar version here
  • wooden board, approximately 30 inches long
  • matte spray paint
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • small nails
  • hammer

Metal script and barn wood sign is perfect for the modern farmhouse.

Step 1.  Paint script letters.  Using a matte finish spray paint in black will cut down the glossy look and give the letters a modern look.  Spray completely in short burst and allow to dry.

Inexpensive script lettering can be found at craft stores and dollar spots.

Inexpensive script lettering can be found at craft stores and dollar spots.

Step 2.  Prep the wood.  If you are working with old wood take a few minutes to sand down any rough edges and remove any nails.  Next, clean the surface using a slightly damp cloth, and allow it to air dry.

Step 3.  Dry brush the wood.  To give the wood visual interest add a small amount of paint using the dry brush technique.  To dry brush place a small amount of paint on the brush and then wipe it off on a paper plate or towel.  Then take what is left on the brush and brush it on the wood.  The result is patchy and worn looking.

Gray acrylic paint is applied to old barn wood using the dry brush technique.

Step 4.  Attach the script letters.  Use small nails to secure the script letters to the board.

A metal script pallet sign tutorial has both a modern and rustic look.

I’ve moved this sign around my home a few times, but I think I’ve decided to hang it above my daughter’s bed.  Bloom seems like the perfect reminder for her to see each day.

What word or phrase would you like to have hanging in your home? I’m on the hunt for the word restore, which I would love to display in my home office.

This post was written by one of our new contributors, Becky Dempster from Homestead 128. We’re so excited to have Becky share fun farmhouse style design and tutorials for you! Here’s a bit more about Becky:

I’m Becky, creator of Homestead 128 and The Barn On 128.  I write from my heart for those who want to read about real life.  It may not always be pretty, but it is honest.  I love to help busy women create design plans for their homes that are beautiful and functional. I also create DIY tutorials for people who love the idea of DIY and creating their own beautiful things, but don’t own a garage full of fancy power tools.  I left teaching to stay at home with my kids, help with the farm and grow my business.  My house has never been dirtier.  For real.  Come learn along with me over at Homestead 128!


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  1. So cool! I LOVE that you placed the word off center on the wood. I have to go to Target today (what am I saying, I GET to go to Target today ;)), I’ll definitely look for a wood word!

    1. thanks so much Kimm 🙂 Yes, I love my quick little trips to Target (that turn into 2 hours and piles of stuff that I just had to have, lol!)

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