Grey Paint Colors – Top Bloggers Favorites

Today I’ve got a huge treat for you! I’ve partnered with some amazing bloggers to bring you a round up of awesome grey paint colors. We all know how stinkin’ hard it is to pick out paint colors, and even though we’ve remodeled and painted a gazillion rooms in the past – I still have trouble choosing the right color. So it’s always great to do your research and get recommendations from others in the industry. So grab your notepad (old school) or your phone and jot down your favorite grey paint colors from the list, so you’ll have them ready to go when you visit the paint store.

Favorite Grey Paint Colors:

Nicole from Green Isle Landscaping:

Grey is one of those fashion colours that I have always loved and secretly worn when its been completely out of fashion…. greymarl knits and sweats. Now everyone wants it in their home. Our favorite grey paint colors come in their most natural form of polished concrete or cement on the floor, which is not a solid tone but various of mid greys. We also love darker tones of grey used in the grout of river rock boarders as a dark charcoal stain, its a lovely earthy feature, this is for finishing off outside paving boarders or in your bathroom wetroom.  

 Susanne from Life on Pearl Street

Grey paint colors are so hot right now and I don’t think they’re going anywhere soon. Gray is the new neutral. It can be crisp and light or dark and moody. My two favorite colors of gray paint (the ones I have used in our home) are Notre Dame Gray from Valspar and Fired Steel from Colorsmart. I have used Notre Dame Gray on almost every wall in the house. It is light light gray with a brown base, but it is a very cool color. It looks crisp and clean next to the white painted baseboards and window trim. I am notorious for dotting the ceiling with my paint roller, so in the family room, guest bedroom, and master bathroom I also painted the ceiling the same color. It makes the spaces look bigger and no dots on a white ceiling! I used Fired Steel on our bedroom walls, as an accent wall in the dining room and on the doors to the closets in the laundry room and family room. It is a great accent color and I would love to paint the lower cabinets in our kitchen this color, but that’s a project for this summer…hopefully!

 Jessica from Jessica Devlin Design

1. Benjamin Moore Conventry Gray, this is a true gray with a very slight blue undertone. My entire townhouse is painted in this color and it provides the perfect backdrop to everything else. Looks fantastic with gold too! I have this color on my walls but I recently saw it on built-ins and it looked amazing! 2. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray – It’s the perfect amount of warmth in a gray. I wouldn’t go as far as say it’s greige but it’s close. This color seems to transform to any space it’s in. Truly a foolproof color, great for living rooms and bedrooms. 3. Sherwin Williams Eider White, I know it’s called white but it’s a very, very light gray. Great way to get the best of both worlds. I love this color in open concept houses.

 Sarah from The Project Pile

Let me be honest here… When the “grey” fad started taking over, I wasn’t that um well, into it… But recently, I can’t get enough of it! I’ve slowly started adding a grey wall, or grey room here and there, all over my home! I have a nice charcoal grey in my living room as an accent wall, and I’ve been using the color Zepplin grey (from CIL Paints in Canada, also known as Martha Stewart’s Bedford Gray in US) for other rooms in my home, like my kitchen, and hopefully I’ll get my guest bedroom updated to that color soon, as well! At first I was a little hesitant about using grey paint colors because I’d waited so long, and thought it will probably be out of style any time. But now I think grey is still going super strong, and if you like it, you’ll love it like I do – so totally go for it!

 Kimm from Reinvented

I am newly smitten with the idea of using grey paint colors in our home, and have definitely developed some faves. Cracked Pepper by Behr is hands down my gray bestie; I’ve used it on our interior doors, and on our fireplace. It is almost black and reminds me of a dusty chalkboard. The contrast it provides with creamy white walls gives me all the heart eyes. Another dark gray love is Rustoleum’s Chalked Paint in Charcoal. I recently painted an old dresser in this color and it provided lots of character and interest when distressed. Upstairs we’ve used Sherwin Williams’ Argos in the hall bath, a nice light gray that is clean and bright; and two of our kids’ rooms are painted in Valspar’s Filtered Shade, another light gray that works well in rooms lacking natural light.

 Pam from Momma Can

Battleship Gray (from Behr) is my favorite. We painted our exterior with battleship gray, white trim, and a red door. Battleship gray is a bold gray that is a knight in shining armor against the blues skies of Southern California. We constantly have people stop by and ask advice on what paint we used and what they think might look great with their home. We live in a super diverse neighborhood that was a former campground for the Hollywood elite in the early film days. Each home is unique, and you can still see one of the campgrounds when you walk the neighborhood. You could seriously paint your house orange, and no one would bat an eye, but, I love our Battleship Gray home.

 Sam from A Happy Home in Holland

My house is actually painted white at the moment but looking around the web, there is so much inspiration and an unbelievably huge and overwhelming choice of different shades of gray available on the market. At the moment my favorite grey paint colors are:

1. Benjamin Moore – Gray Owl from the off-white collection. I like this because it’s light enough to keep the room looking bright and is very versatile because it compliments lots of other shades.

2. Sherwin Williams – Serious Gray would be my second choice which is much darker and I think it would look great as a contrasting feature wall.

3. Benjamin Moore – Pikes Peak Gray is another really nice shade if you are looking for a mid-tone shade that sits somewhere between the two mentioned above.

 Emy from Semigloss Design

In my home, I love Sherwin Williams Flannel Gray. I painted all of the doors on my first floor this color. Painting doors a color makes them feel special but more importantly hides dirt! Dirty doors are a pet peeve of mine, so this eases my crazy. I love the doors with oil rubbed bronze hardware.

 Yami from The Latina Next Door

I am currently using Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams in my Foyer. It is the perfect neutral grey. It’s neither warm nor blue. I also like Pediment by Sherwin Williams. It’s not talked about often, but I find it to be the perfect Greige. I have used it in my kitchen, breakfast and family room and absolutely love it!

Jennifer from Jenron Designs

All shades of grey are super popular right now as we revisit our roots from the 1920’s, subway tiles and Carrera marble everything!!! My favorite interior paint color is –Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. It is my absolute go to “greige” and it works great with everything. For exterior use I used Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray accented with Gauntlet Gray. I get asked all the time for my exterior paint colors by new prospective buyer/builders in our growing area.

 Denise from My Thrifty House

My favorite grey paint is called Gentle Rain from Behr at Home Depot. It took me a long time to find a shade of grey that didn’t have blue under tones. What I love most about Gentle Rain is that it is light enough to add some color to the room but it isn’t heavy and overpowering. Also, it is the perfect neutral color that goes with every color I accessorize with throughout my home. I also use Granite from Behr as a darker accent color that works along side my white painted furniture, Gentle Rain walls and black accents as well as any pop of color I choose to put in the room.

 Tina from An Eclectic Twist

I LOVE Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. I painted most of my house this color. It took it from drab to fab! My home is a very open floor plan and was previously a flat boring light sucking brown. By painting all of it this lovely grey it not only allowed me to keep the ceiling the original flat brown but it immediately gave it an updated look. One of the very cool things about Revere Pewter is that it changes color with the light. In the bright sunlight it looks very light grey and in the evening it takes on a brown tone which feels very softened. It’s a great all around color for any room.

 Susie from Tiny House Giant Life

We’ve used Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey, Worldly Grey, and Popular Grey in our home throughout the years. Currently, Agreeable Grey is in the nursery and provides the perfect back drop for all the bright fun toys. I may even use it in the master bedroom when we finally get around to refreshing that! We painted the living room Worldly Grey last year and its a great warm greige that keeps the space neutral but not too cold.

 Sam from Raggedy Bits

Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence, Miss Mustard Seed Farmhouse White, Fusion Mineral Paint Buttermilk, Milk White, Black and Duck Egg Blue.

 Liz from Franc & Eli

My favorite grey paint colors are 1) Ammonite, Farrow and Ball; 2) Chelsea Gray, Benjamin Moore; and 3) Elephant’s Breath, Farrow and Ball

And finally, one of my own absolute favorite grey paint colors to use is Intellectual Gray by Sherwin Williams. This is the color we painted the exterior of Mouse House and I love it! It’s a taupey gray with slight greenish/brown undertones. I highly recommend it!

Top bloggers share their no fail favorite grey paint colors, including where and when to use them
exterior paint: SW Intellectual Gray; shutters: SW Urbane Bronze at 150%

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  6. I have seen a color in magazines that I love ❤️ But am unable to track down in stores. I would say it is a combination between a silvery light blue mixed with some type of pearl it’s one of those colors that is almost so light and trans parent then unless you were paying attention you almost don’t realize it’s there I found a color that I thought would work and when I put it on my walls it became baby blue I was so disappointed wondering if you have a blog discussing silvery blue pearl colors of the way you do the gray which by the way I love this gray article !!!!!

    1. Hi Andrea – unfortunately, I’m not sure what color you’re trying to recreate. You’re welcome to send me a picture or link to something via email. Just hit my contact button in my menu for the way to email me. I’ll try to help as best I can. Thanks for reading 🙂

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  8. So many amazing shades of gray!! Suggestions for every space and every style, love that we all had different suggestions too, gives a great variety!

    1. I know – loved everyone’s decorating ideas and tips. Thanks for being a part of it, Tina!

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  11. Grey is my favorite neutral color for decorating. Great post along with some awesome tips and advice.

    1. thank you Denise! I am trying to narrow down a color for my kitchen and it’s so hard to choose 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  12. I love your My Favorite Grey post!! Thank you for including me. It is always so much fun to read everyone else favorite grey and then to see how similar we all are in our tastes. I notice several colors I have favored over the years, Denise listed Gentle Rain which I had in a large family room before we moved and I loved it!! Jessica also listed Agreeable Grey in her top 3, I love to see how we are so similar yet we implement things differently. Such a great group of ladies with keen eye’s for design.

    1. thank you so much Jennifer! Yes, it was so fun collaborating with you and all these wonderful designers. There’s so much talent in blogland! Have a great week!

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