Round Dining Tables: 8 Affordable Options

While there’s something to be said about the grand daddy 10 foot long farm table, my heart really belongs to cute little round dining tables that just beckon us to sit down and enjoy a conversation. My parents had a round dining table while I was growing up and it was a cozy place to share stories at the end of the day (or for my brother and I to pick on each other if I’m really being honest.)

Fixer Upper round dining tables and where to find affordable options for under $1000 | theharperhouse.com


Joanna likes to use round dining tables in breakfast nooks and other cozy spots that call for more intimate seating. I have always wanted a round dining table too, but I’ve never had the right space for one.

Until now. We have finally found a house (after a year long search!) and will hopefully close the end of June (cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly!) I will share more about that story in another post… but it has a breakfast nook – just perfect for a round table!

So I thought I’d do a round up of my favorite 5 round dining tables for today’s Favorite 5 Link Party – but I couldn’t narrow it down to just 5 so pretend this week’s party is a Crazy Eights party instead, mkay? 🙂 Be sure to add your link at the bottom of this post to join the fun!

So here’s my picks for round dining tables

(all under $1000!)

Fixer Upper round dining tables and where to find affordable options for under $1000 | theharperhouse.com

1. Null Table 60″ | 2. Aldridge Table 53″

3. French Table 48″ | 4. Archer Table 54″

5. Phill Table 63″ | 6. Alice Table 54″

7. Miles Table 47″ | 8. Holt Table 54″

The best deal by far is this one:

Phill 63″ Dining Table – only $473.95!

I love the legs on this table and for that price, you could even paint it if you didn’t care for the finish! I can see those legs painted a chippy blue and the top a nice white washed pine. I love finding good deals!

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Fixer Upper round dining tables and where to find affordable options for under $1000 | theharperhouse.com

Now Let’s Party!

I’m so excited to be hosting The Party Bloggers Favorite 5 Link Party #3 with my good friend Debbie from Chatham Hill on the Lake.

Our Theme is Favorite 5 of anything! Tips, Habits, Games, Books, Movies, Vacations, Names, People – anything! We welcome you to link a new or old post that you would like to share.

This Favorite 5 Link Party will be open for 7 days – can’t wait to see what you’ve all been up to!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by Marjan – I’m hoping to add one to the new house, now I just need to decide which one! LOL 🙂

  1. WOW Christy I love all of your choices! We really need to add one to a room that we have just off our kitchen which gets all the morning sun! Thank you for the inspiration and for also hosting 🙂

    1. Thanks for linking up Sam! It’s amazing how many good deals there are out there! I was shocked to see that one table for under $500! And I love the legs on that one! Have a great day!

  2. Christy, I have had a round table like these for years. You are going to love it! They are so practical (no one’s legs are hitting a table leg) but believe it or not, I switched it out a couple of days ago for a super unique table that was my best friend’s (and I got to inherit it). The best way I can describe it is- the base is in a cross shape, and in each corner there is room for the stool that goes with the table to tuck in. There are also drawers built into 2 of the crosspieces. It’s pretty cool- I had to fight off several people to take possession, haha!

    1. aw thank you Melony! the table you inherited from your friend sounds amazing, and so neat that it will remind you of your friend every time you use it! I’m hoping to find an “heirloom” type table as well that we can use for a long time and create many memories around it. thanks for visiting!

  3. I’m a sucker for a round table… I currently have 3 in my house. In fact this weekend while entertaining on our deck at the lake we only have two tiny pub tables that seat 4 each but because everyone wanted to stay together, we managed 7 seats around the tiniest of tables and all had elbow room because it was ROUND :).

    A great selection of tables Christy. Loved your favorite too!

  4. Love these tables Christy. As I was admiring your selection, I came to the realization that I’ve never owned a round dining table! Like it has never ever occurred to me to go round . . . I feel rather odd now and might have to put one in my sunroom, lol. Thanks for the challenge!

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