Farmhouse Style Botanical Prints Round-Up

Vintage botanical prints are such an easy way to add some character to your decor! I love mixing old with new and botanical prints are a great way to do that! There are so many free botanical print options available online. All you have to do is search “botanical prints” on Pinterest and you will have an overwhelming number of options. So today I am rounding up some of my favorite free and budget-friendly farmhouse style botanical prints as well as sharing a few different ways to display them!

How to Display Farmhouse Style Botanical Prints

Botanical prints can be displayed any number of ways. Whether you prefer to frame them in a gallery, or make them into a wall hanging they are sure to add some unique personality to your style. The best thing about them is they are cheap and some are even free so it’s easy to change them out when you are ready for something new!

1. Frame

This is probably the most common way to display botanical prints, and it definitely makes a statement! You can often see Joanna Gaines use a gallery wall of botanical prints to add a touch of vintage to a space. In this dining room a gallery of oak leaf prints makes a gorgeous accent wall!

2. Wall Hanging

Another way to display farmhouse style botanical prints is as a wall hanging. I love the way wall hangings look, they remind me of vintage school charts! Joanna has a great tutorial of her blog for DIY botanical print wall hangings using dowels and twine. You can easily make one by getting a large print made from Staples of a botanical print you found online or you can even use some single sheet wrapping paper like the ones I have found here and here.

3. Clothes Hanger

This is such a unique way to hang your botanical prints but I love it! You can use old wooden pants hangers or wood hangers with metal clips to hang some prints. How creative is that?!

4. Hinge Clips

The final way I have seen botanical prints displayed is using hinge clips. Some are hung by attaching the hinge clips to the wall, while others hang a piece of twine and clip the prints to that. There are many ways to do it and they all look beautiful! I have even seen a display of clipboards with botanical prints hung on the wall! 

No matter how you choose to hang botanical prints they can be such a fun way to bring a touch of vintage to your decor that is inexpensive and full of personality! I have rounded-up my very favorite botanical prints for you in the gallery below!

Click through the images to be taken to the sources or see source list below (affiliate)

A Daily Something Free Botanical Prints | Cavallini Dandelion Chart Wrapping Paper | Gather & Flourish Free Olive Branch Botanical Prints

Cavallini Cacti and Succulent Wrapping Paper | Magnolia Market Free Plant Illustration Printable | Cavallini Birds, Nest & Eggs Wrapping Paper

The Painted Hive Free Botanical Fern Illustrations | A Burst of Beautiful Free Wildflower Botanical Prints | Simply Made By Rebecca Free Lavender Botanical Prints

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Here's some great ideas on just HOW to display farmhouse style botanical prints. And a great roundup of where to find them! Fixer Upper, Free Printables, Botanical Art

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